OP Ghai Pediatrics is the most recommended and widely used textbook. The free book has over pages and is the 8th edition of the series. If you need OP Ghai Pediatrics 7th or 9th edition, check the page updates. There are 31 chapters in the Ghai Pediatrics with an Index. Some of the chapters in book are as follows:.

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Ghai Essential Pediatrics is a thoroughly researched and expertly authored handbook on pediatrics. This seventh edition has presented a detailed analysis on the diagnosis, management and cure of pediatric diseases. Ghai, Vinod K. Paul and Arvind Bagga have been trusted and popular authors in the field of medical academics. Six editions of their book, Ghai Essential Pediatrics , have served as a handy guide and tool for students of undergraduate and postgraduate medical studies.

The seventh edition specifically caters to the students of nursing and practicing pediatricians. The book focuses on existing issues such as infant health, infant health education and training at a time when such issues have secured utmost attention on a national level. The focus has also shifted from nutrition and infectious diseases to genetics, intensive care and chronic diseases. Compared to the previous edition, this edition has added facts on growth and development in light of the WHO norms.

A fresh and new perspective on neonatology and nutritional issues has been shared with particular importance being given to practical and clinical treatment.

With more and more kinds of fevers and diseases doing the rounds, the chapter on infectious diseases has been dealt with afresh. In addition, hematology, endocrine, and renal conditions have also been written about with recent updates on various cases.

The seventh edition brings a few chapters anew. It includes topics such as new vaccines, interventional cardiology, and poison. Skin, ocular disorders, procedures and rights of children are an added plus to practicing specialists.

Ghai Essential Pediatrics includes multiple algorithms and tables to support facts further. The book was published over 25 years ago, and has been written by renowned academics. Ghai was a Professor and the head of the Pediatrics Department. He was also an honorary fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and also a multiple award winner. He was the founder and editor of Essential Pediatrics. Ghai passed away in Paul is an MD, and holds a Ph.

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