Hindu Vedic Calendar, there are 60 years, each having a name for itself. The name also has a meaning and suggests what is in store for us in that year. On the new year day the Panchangam is read to learn about what the ensuing year has in store for us. The Panchangam essentially consists of five parts of the day, viz.

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Services offered by ePanchang. All rights reserved. Karthigai 1. The ePanchang calendar based on drik ganita siddhanta gives day to day thithi, nakshatra, yogam, rahukalam, yamagandam, abhijit muhurtha, hora, lagna, daily planetary transits.

The ePanchang calendar is available for different places in the world, calculated and corrected to sunrise, sunset timings, on the respective latitude and longitude locations.

Auspicious muhurthams for house warming Grihapravesam , upanayanam, wedding, aksharabhyasam, seemantham etc. Online panchangam ePanchang presents Online panchangam, the instant online panchangam , created immediately, as you fill in your birth details such as place of birth, date of birth and time of birth.

The online panchangam generated for you by ePanchang is accurate and suggests good dates, on which you can make important decisions, not so favourable dates that you need to just simmer it.

The online panchangam from ePanchang, also lets you know these dates well into the future. This enables you to decide on the what and when of life's important events, throughout your life. Essentially, ePanchang's online panchangam helps you to plan your life well.

The easy to read user interface of the online panchangam shows the good and not so favourable dates in three distinct colours, red, green and yellow. Green dates are good dates, while the red dates are not so favourable dates, based on your horoscope. Yellow coloured dates may be used if green dates are unavailable in the near vicinity and under unavoidable circumstances.

Panchangam ePanchang is the place to visit, when you want accurate data for the coming year Panchangam. As you may know, the panchangam offered by ePanchang is a one of its kind panchangam, suggesting the best dates for you for the year beyond. The best dates are defined easily; to start with by keeping away from avoidable dates, based on the ground rules of panchangam.

When a date filters through all the rules of the avoidable dates they are the generic good dates of your panchangam. The unique personal panchangam of yours is again sent through a set of filters based on your personal horoscope, to show you a list of most auspicious green dates, less auspicious yellow dates and the avoidable red dates.

Get your panchangam here and plan your life. Panchangam today Panchangam today is your daily ready reckoner for finding good times of the day, every day. You can find out the rahu kalam, yamakandam or yamakalam, kuligai kalam, the subha muhurtham times of the day, the good times of the day and the avoidable times of the day.

Your panchangam today also indicates the abhijit muhurtham, the daily hora horai of the day, the direction to avoid in travel. These standard panchangam information are made available at the page panchangam today. Most importantly, panchangam today is your own customized panchangam that identifies and informs the best dates of the day, week, month and year for you. Try panchangam today, plan your Godday. Subscribe to our eNewsletter!



Vakya Panchangam Tamil 2012 2013

Sunrise AM. Sunset PM. Moonrise PM. Moonset No Moonset.


Online Hindu Vedic Calendar

Pambu Panchnagam. Version: 1. Pambu Panchangam is the most popular Tamil almanac among Tamil speaking people worldwide. Tamil Panchangam,. January Tamil Panchangam. Tamil pioneer carrozzeria avic drz09 full free software download Panchangam. Pambu panchangam tamil pdf Pambu panchangam.


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Tamil Panchangam 2013


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