Germanium Diodes have a lower forward drop voltage of 0. Germanium diodes are not very common these days and are hard to find but are still used in hobby AM radio receivers as detectors and also in battery circuits connected to Solar panels. Older germanium diodes had a larger leakage of current at a reverse voltage, but now manufacturers supply a range of improved low current leakage germanium diodes. Login Register. Region Macedonia Kosovo Global.

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Hello, I'm restoring an older Marantz amp and I would like to replace the leaky 1N60 germanium diodes. As used in this application, can they be replaced with a Schottky diode? The diodes are HH HH are M A-O. I'd replace those as well. I'm having some issues with the amp and I am doing a complete recap.

Also I'm replacing some resistors so I'd replace the diodes as well while I'm in there. It's pretty hard to remove those boards so I'd like to do it once for a long time. So, for this application, what would work best instead of 1N60 and M?

Attached Images post Those are germanium diodes, so you should replace with the same, IMO, to get the correct forward drop. Those appear to be in the protection circuitry. Lots of ebay sellers with those, and some have NOS.

I'd go for 1N60 from ebay but I don't have time really. I want to finish as fast as possible. Ebay would delay my project for about 3 weeks. I have access to BAT41 diodes today if they would be a good substitute. I guess you'll just have to find out.

The circuit wasn't designed with Shottky's so who knows. How leaky are the germaniums? It's absolutely normal to have some leakage in those. I'm asking someone who can understand the implications of replacing those with silicon.

Haven't measured them yet, but they usually are. And I plan on not going inside in the near future. And if those fail, they take out the transistors as well. And don't want that. I'm doing it for good measure. H are current steering diodes for the SOA protection. They prevent the positive limiter from being activated on the negative half cycle and vice versa.

Any low capacitance fast diode will work there. The only reverse voltage they ever see is generated across the emitter resistors during high currents, so leakage and breakdown voltage aren't concerns. Hence, the germaniums. But Shottkys or even 's will work. Chances are they'll never go bad unless you've burnt up the output stage and taken collateral damage.

H are part of the bias stack. You need silicon diodes with a very close forward voltage to the originals i. Again, I would replace these if the output stage was ever fried, but leave them alone otherwise. M seem to be 0. Like 1n But I'll leave them alone I guess.

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Send a private message to Trileru. Find More Posts by Trileru. They seem like clamping diodes. Would UF work? Send a private message to jmsent. Find More Posts by jmsent. Ok, sounds good. Thank you! Send a private message to sgrossklass. Posting Rules. Similar Threads. Arcam AVR diode replacement? Diode k2k2 replacement.

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1N60 Germanium Diode




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