Like Tweet. Ryan Young. The previous owner stated it just died one day. I got it home and plugged it in with nothing.

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Tip the TV set so the expansion chambers are pointed up. In some TVs, the expansion chambers are already pointed up - In this case you don't have to tip the TV. Cover the circuit boards below the CRT's with several paper towels to prevent accidentally spilling any coolant onto the boards. The coolant is corrosive and will destroy the circuit boards.

Don't skimp on the paper towels here - they are cheap!!! Remove the four screws that hold on the focusing lens assembly and remove the focusing lens assembly.

Note the position of the expansion chamber then remove the expansion chamber. It will need to be reinstalled in basically the same position so remember the position or take a picture if you need to. There is a small o-ring on the neck of the expansion chamber where it threads onto the CRT housing - Don't loose it! Use the baster and tube to suck the fluid out from the hole where the expansion chamber was removed.

This hole is fairly small Clean the CRT chamber and lens with distilled water. This will rinse out the alcohol residue. You need to use distilled water for this so there is no mineral residue.

Use your fingers to rub a thin layer of silicone all over the surface of the o-ring. Then place the o-ring in the groove in the CRT housing. Use the baster and tube to suck clean fluid from the bottle and install it into the CRT through the expansion chamber hole. Go really slow when it is almost full to minimize overflow. Wipe up any overflow immediately.

Just be sure to fill it as far as possible so the fluid is just up to the edge of the expansion chamber hole. Install the expansion chamber. Be sure to install it in the same position as it was before you removed it. Also be sure that the small o-ring is on the neck of the chamber before you thread it on.

The chamber is just plastic so don't over-tighten it or you might damage it. Turn on the TV and check for leaks over the next 20 minutes. Remember, you have not yet removed all the paper towels from inside the TV. Remove these once you know there are no leaks. Other things that should be done after replacing the fluid include Robo Community. DVR Playground. Media Smart Home.

Magenium Solutions. EHome Design. Skip to main content. Create new account Request new password. Name Fisrt Name. Active Topics Unanswered Topics. Log in or register to post comments. Last post. Found this post by someone. Found this post by someone else here at this site. Changing Projection TV Coolant 1. In some TVs, the expansion chambers are already pointed up - In this case you don't have to tip the TV 2.

Once most of the fluid is out, remove the four screws that hold on the lens cover plate. Place the lens in its position on the o-ring. Place the lens cover plate over the lens and install the four screws. Clean your baster and tubing with denatured alcohol then rinse with distilled water. Place the focusing lens assembly into position and install the four screws.

Clean the mirror 2. Clean the top lenses of the focusing assemblies 3. Focus the CRT's 4. Adjust the convergence Here is a list of things you will need: 1. Turkey baster 2. Vinyl tube 3. Cooling Fluid 4. Paper towels 6. Denatured alcohol 7. Distilled water 8.

Pliers 9. Larry Dillon. Yep That would be from me!!! Thanks for the tip! CRT coolant change and. Search form Search. Recent comments I think this antenna will.

The email for the LT is. Hi Larry, do you happen to. I need the Mitsubishi LT. Connect With Techlore. Designed by Magenium Solutions.


General Information - Philips PTV800 Service Manual



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