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All you need to know about Sturmpanzer A7V from a scale modeler perspective. Show 5 more We use cookies to give you a great and free experience on our website. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your Cookie settings at any time. Essential cookies are for: preferences, security, performance analytics and contextual advertising.

Actions Stash. Actions Info Kits. Sturmpanzer A7V by hamit on scalemodels. Sturmpanzer A7V by inkvizitor on scalemodels. Sturmpanzer A7V by Tally-ho on Pienoismallit. Sturmpanzer A7V by Alexander G. Deutsche Kampfwagen im 1.

Band Actions Info. Sturmpanzerwagen A7V Replica Images: Mates Joern R. Dmitry Borisov ChelS Alex Alex Previewed on channel Panzer Modellbau alle Kategorien. Previewed on Armorama. On hold. Previewed on channel ScaleFan. It was rusty as hell in the '60s but high and dry.

They moved in the late 80s to the new museum where it has been emerged in floods a couple of times. Might be at the Australian War Museum I think now. Scott Dutton would know. Peter Hardy Ok, just trying to find Scott so I can pm him. He'll know. I think there was a plan to refurbish Mesphisto before it rusted away. Michael Hickey Would be impressive to see. Peter Hardy Yep. They owe it to us Conquering Queenslanders! Previewed on Best Models. Previewed on channel ArmourMaster.

In progress. A7V Tank. Sturmpanzer A7V Tank. The Boxy Beginning. A7V Mephisto Tank. Clanker Tank. Previewed on channel mengmodels. Matt Suggett This kit is pretty bad. The pieces fit badly and require a lot of filler. The tracks require a metal pin to join each link, the pin is incredibly hard to handle even with tweezers.

I don't recommend this kit at all. EnsignExpendabl That's a shame, it seems like an interesting and unique vehicle. Matt Suggett According to the guys on Reddit, the Meng version is exquisite. I will be checking that one out in the future for a good comparison. Previewed on Modellbauforum Koeln. Previewed on www. Frank Krause. Joerg R. Den hab ich auch Tolles Modell. Frank Krause Wow, that's very good news, that Meng takes up this one. My expectation are very high on that, since Meng does it.

Got to finish the Tauro one first Paul Crocker My mate from my model club built that kit and he said the tracks were really bad. Shengsong Jin so fast? It should be test model. So far not a single part of the Meng A7V is produced, I think. Shengsong Jin I see.

I think nobody will buy the Tauro one. Paul Crocker Yes sorry chaps, I was referring to the Tauro kit. Frank Krause Yes, Aaron. It was a real one. Have a look: [img1] [img2] The only surviving A7V can be found in an Australian museum. Some replicas are also existing. Frank Krause Some more pics of the real thing: wwimodeller.

Aaron River cheers frank, only just got back in to looking at the modelling stuff. I have since learnt that this was Germany's contribution to WWI tank warfare tho but I'll be sure to check those links out after this message.. Previewed on Britmodeller. Previewed on channel Mitko Nikitov. Holger Kranich Oh! Endlich angekommen? Frank Krause Lovely! Echt geil, was ich so zu sehen bekommen hab. Und die Ketten? Auch so kompliziert wie beim Schneider CA?

Frank Krause Kein Motor, aber alles andere ist im Inneren vorhanden. Die Kettenglieder bestehen aus nur 2 Teilen und werden zusammengeklipst. Sieht einfacher aus als beim Schneider. Klasse Frank, na dann mal ran an den Kleber und losgelegt. Mike Kryza Previewed on PMMS. Frank Krause That looks promising! Frank Krause Uih, uih, uih! Jetzt aber. Was erwartet uns? Sorry Frank, hab mich verklickt, das waren meine dicken Finger. Frank Krause Schade. A7V Sturmpanzer, "Mephisto".

Project: years WWI. Dimitris P. Base colour applied. Camo finished. Dave Flitton Excellent! Mike Kryza Looks actual very nice. Here's an update with the decals on.

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German A7V Tank



Sturmpanzer A7V




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