Objective: Renal transplantation is an outstanding therapy for end-stage renal failure and has been shown to increase life expectancy and quality of life, while reducing medical expenditure. The presence of IgM antibodies in recipient serum is not a contraindication for renal transplantation. However, the presence of this antibody may have significant clinical implications. IgM autoantibodies have been blamed for a group of accelerated or hyperacute cases of graft rejection. In this study, graft and patient survival outcomes after renal transplantation in LCM IgM-positive recipients have been assessed.

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Purpose: Cytomegalovirus CMV infection is one of the most common infections observed following kidney transplantations. Materials and Methods: A total of 68 consecutive patients aged over 18 years who underwent renal transplantation between January and June were included in this retrospective study. The efficacy of low-dose valganciclovir was determined by whether the patients developed a CMV disease during their first post-transplant year. CMV disease-related acute rejection, graft loss, leukopenia, post-transplant diabetes mellitus, opportunistic infection, or patient loss was not observed.

Conclusion: There are many studies comparing CMV prophylaxis with low and standard dose vs. Further clinical studies with larger patient participation are needed. Cukurova Medical Journal. Year , Volume 45 , Issue 1, Pages - Zotero Mendeley EndNote. Efficacy and safety of low-dose valganciclovir prophylaxis among renal transplant recipients.

International consensus guidelines on the management of cytomegalovirus in solid organ transplantation. Transplantation ;89 7 Impact of early cytomegalovirus infection and disease on long-term recipient and kidney graft survival.

Kidney Int ;66 1 : Allograft rejection predicts the occurrence of late-onset cytomegalovirus CMV disease among CMV-mismatched solid organ transplant patients receiving prophylaxis with oral ganciclovir.

J Infect Dis ; 11 Pharmacokinetic profile of ganciclovir after its oral administration and from its prodrug, valganciclovir, in solid organ transplant recipients. Clin Pharmacokinet ; 44 5 Transplantation ; 90 12 Electronic estimations of renal function are inaccurate in solid-organ transplant recipients and can result in significant underdosing of prophylactic valganciclovir.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother ; 57 8 Transplantation ; 99 7 Exp Clin Transplant ; 15 Suppl 1 Exp Clin Transplant ;14 5 Effectiveness of valganciclovir mg versus mg for cytomegalovirus prophylaxis in transplantation: direct and indirect treatment comparison meta-analysis. Clin Infect Dis ;52 3 Cytomegalovirus in solid organ transplantation.

Am J Transplant ;13 Suppl 4 Transpl Infect Dis ; 18 6 Exp Clin Transplant ;17 3 J Pharm Pharm Sci ; 20 0 Transpl Infect Dis ; 19 6 Thanks The authors have no conflict of interest to declare. Full Text File. Authors of the Article.


Steroid-free treatment in renal transplantation/Renal transplantasyonda steroid icermeyen tedaviler

Objective: The pharmacokinetics of mycophenolic acid MPA differ among individuals. Materials and Methods: Sixty-five renal transplants patients were included in this study. All patients were monitored for acute rejection and graft function during the study period. Determination of UGT2B7 polymorphism may be helpful for determining the optimum dose of MPA to achieve the target plasma concentration. Publication Date : September 1,


Effect of Positive Lcm-Igm on Graft Survival in Living Donor Renal Transplantation






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