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Abstract: Information plays a fundamental role throughout an enterprise ar chitecture, figuring as a strategic component. The application of IT Risk Management models is a key su ccess factor to. Howe ver, just by adopting risk management practic es is not enough to guarantee.

Organizations face a growing need to know how effi cient their busin ess processes are,. Due to the diversity of maturity models and their cha racteristic s,. It is vital to all organizations to manage risks in ord er. Critical business processes depe nd on risk. Koe h ler According to the IT Gov ernance Institute 20 07 ,.

In Brazil, the. Brazilian Institute of Corporative Govern ance. IBGC recom mends that all organizations adopt a. Thus, we underst and that IT risk management is. There is a growi ng need to kno w the. The efficiency of the ris k management. Hopkinson states that a significant. The refore, the risk m anagement process. Though there has been gr eat effort to implement.

Shahzad and Safvi say that. Araujo , M. DOI: ISBN: All r ights reser ved. The se organizations need t o. The authors have identified some problems. Best maturity model that can be applied to IT risk. This paper p resents a solution pr oposal to.

For t his particular reason,. This paper is s tructured in 3 parts, containi ng the. We present in this section the concep t of risk, risk. The definition of risk, based on canonic d ictionary. Th ese uncertainties. Accordi ng to IBGC , risk. IT has then bec ome omnipresent and essenti al for any. Because of its indispensable nature, risk. In all domains,. Barafort, 6. The definition of ris k management. According to ISO Guide. Elmaallam and.

Kriouile , state that risk management is an. Ram os says that risk m anagement is. Silv eira SEI — Software E ngineering. Institute defines risk managemen t as a. DSIC considers. It is thus possib le to find many different.

Coso states t hat risk management is a process. We ca n. According to ISO , the risk management. Figure 1: The risk management process ISO, 9. The risk assessm ent activity is divide d in these. We can consider that risk management is being. Corporative governance is a lso defined as a set of.

Corporativ e governance. The IT governance concept is not different from the. W eill and Ross. Theses authors al so emphasize the importance. In order to identify and select the ex isting maturity.

In order to define the criteria to use. Considering tangible and. SAATY, Based in a maturity m odel chosen,. We present here t he data analysis obtained fr om the. We use d five. Objectives for Information and Related Techno logy. COBIT 4. In our study, we extracted co mmon features found in. Based on these information, we built the. We present a group of criteria. A group of fi ve senior. We identified 13 criterions to categorize the features.

Th is was submitted. Process - because it is a m ethod that demands the. From this hierarchy figure 2 it was possible to. The com parison was made as. Figure 2: Hierar chical structure of used criteria to evaluate. We submitted the comparison tab le to six senior. Table 2: Obtained weigh of each evaluated model. Table 3: Average weigh t of evaluated criteria. One of the main goals of th e AHP technique is to. The reason fo r the blind. The resul ts. Following the same hierarchy defi ned to analyze.

Table 4 presents the valu ed obtained in table 3. Table 4: results grouped by criteria level 1. Table 5: Final maturity models scores obtained. Based on table 5, it is possible to verify the final. Cobit scores. VSAH model reached 0. Figure 3: Maturity models interviewees preference.

The analysis of the obtaine d percentages of the. The second- best. FVSAH Once we defi ned a reference model to use, based on. As we can see from the. The self-assessm ent Cobit 4. The first instrument is a table used to register the. The seco nd one is a self-.


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