Embed Size px x x x x Keyboard shortcuts in the Solid Edge interface are a great way for experienced. Well, all the standard Windows keys work in mostsituations. Keyboard shortcuts in solidedge.

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Embed Size px x x x x NET, etc. Automation typlibs delivered with Solid Edge Physically located in program folder Just Add Reference to the typlib requiredJust pick your favorite programming language and away you go.

This presentation will mainly use Visual Basic delivered with VisualStudio Siemens AG All Rights Reserved. What is. NET Framework? Google says:A programming infrastructure created by Microsoft forbuilding, deploying, and running applications and services that use. NETtechnologies, such as desktop applications and Web services. NET programs execute under the supervision of theCLR, guaranteeing certain properties and behaviors in the areas of memorymanagement, security, and exception handling.

NET Framework includes a set of standard class libraries. The classlibrary is organized in a hierarchy of namespaces. Most of the built-in APIsare part of either System. These class librariesimplement a large number of common functions, such as file reading andwriting, graphic rendering, database interaction, and XML documentmanipulation, among others.

GC Class Controls the system garbage collector, a service that automaticallyreclaims unused memory GC. Collect method forces garbage collectionSystem. Marshall Class Provides a collection of methods for allocating unmanagedmemory, copying unmanaged memory blocks, and convertingmanaged to unmanaged types, as well as other miscellaneousmethods used when interacting with unmanaged code. An assembly is the primary building block of a.

NET Frameworkapplication. Global Assembly Cache GAC A machine-wide code cache that stores assemblies specifically installed to beshared by many applications on the computer. Applications deployed in theglobal assembly cache must have a strong name. It is used to enable interprocesscommunication and dynamic object creation in a large range of programminglanguages.

Why is COM Interop important? It is the only means by which a. The GC runs only when a certain amount ofmemory has been used or there is enough pressure for memory on the system. Since it is not guaranteed when the conditions to reclaim memory arereached, the GC runs are non-deterministic.

So exactly what does this mean to the average Solid Edge wannbeprogrammer like ME! This was a much bigger issue for ST2 and previous Solid Edge versions and. NET programs. NET applicationprogrammer as before in previous Solid Edge versions! That said it is still a good idea as a programmer to appropriate GarbageCollection when necessary.

This provides simply and extra layer orprotection against crashes and memory corruption as a result of running yourprogram. Confused enough!!!!. Solid Edge Setup Delivers. NET FrameworkV20 2. NET Framework Version CompatibilityMicrosoft says:Most times, applications will ask for a particular version of the frameworkto be installed. Wed recommend avoiding installing that particularversion, and trying instead to install the most up-to-date version of.

NET packages havebackwards compatibility, so an app asking for the 2. NETFramework 4. Another common problem involves older versions of. NETand, perhaps, their misbehavior on your system. NETFramework," or something very similar. Try removing them fromhere, through the standard uninstall procedure, then try installing yournewer. NET framework again. If that still fails, its time to turn to the. Which Microsoft. NET Framework version?

Know your customer Who will be using your application? What version of Solid Edge will they be using? What type of machines? What Visual Studio version are you using? New Automation ProjectNeed an automation solution to mark dimensions on a solid Edge draft filethat are critical, major and minor with diamond, square and roundrespectively.

The idea is to automate this to help increase productivity. Select all critical dimensions then run the macro to mark the selected dimensions. Repeat process for major and minor dimensions. Critical dimensions marked with Major dimensions marked with Minor dimensions marked with Siemens AG Create a new project Siemens AG Not much actually We still have to reference Solid Edge. Visual Studio. NET interop dll may or may not work from version to version The.

NET version of the Solid Edge. Result of adding the Solid Edge ReferencesAfter building the solution. Here is what you get. So where are the Interop DLLs previously discussed? Development says still a good ideato generate unique interops andreference those and to not embed! I typically match the macro name Siemens AG Post on Dec 9. Category: Technology 7 download. Basics of Automating Solid Edgewith.


solid edge api: automating solid edge basics with .net



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