The Reckoners is a trilogy of young adult superhero novels written by American author Brandon Sanderson. The series consists of Steelheart , Firefight , and Calamity The series depicts a post-apocalyptic world in which the appearance of an orbiting cosmic entity known as Calamity has given random people superhuman powers in apparent defiance of known physical laws, turning them into "Epics". These powers have impelled most of them to prey upon or enslave the rest of humanity, causing the collapse of traditional governments. One young man orphaned by a High Epic joins a group that is killing Epics.

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Started by GreyPilgrim , December 30, Posted December 30, So I bought Mitosis a while ago, when it was released, but never read it at least, I have no recollection of it if I did. Is it worth re? You might as well read it. It's short. There are a couple references to it in Firefight, and things that happen in it get David thinking about something important that comes up again later. It's also got the greatest rock lyrics of any Sanderson novel to date.

Even if it weren't at all related to Firefight it'd still be well worth the read. Posted December 30, edited. Posted January 3, This blurb assumes you've read Steelheart already.

After Steelheart's death, the Reckoners are doing their best to get the city of Newcago running on its own. It's hard getting a city long ruled by fear to accept independence, though, and their work is jeopardized when a powerful High Epic named Mitosis invades the city. Hope that's succinct enough. And happy reading--it's an awesome piece of work.

Posted January 4, edited. Posted January 4, Sounds cool thanks! The reason I would re-read it is to get back into the world. It is hard to take a break for so long. Plus, there is a potential set up at the end. Just read it. It's good. Posted January 5, Yeah, definitely worth the short amount of time it would take to re-read.

Very close to finishing Then maybe I can sneak in Mitosis over lunch break tomorrow since my copy of Firefight should be in the mailbox for when I get home that day. Because of this post, I just downloaded Mitosis on my Kindle.

Hopefully I can read it tonight before Firefight comes out. I just finished reading Steelheart for the first time yesterday. Can't wait for Firefight! Steelheart laid waste to that room, knocking down pillars, killing anything he saw. It seems to me that this must be an Easter Egg for Cosmere-aware readers. I know those words are great descriptors for the scene, but being that close to each other, and seeing that this is a Brandon book, it must be a Cosmere reference, right?!

Posted January 6, It's fun enough, but I thought Mitosis was pretty sub-par compared to Brandon's usual work. I suspect that all the great reviews by sharders and my other friends inflated my expectations too much.

It may also be because I listened to the audible version and generally prefer text. As I said in my goodreads review , it obviously didn't fit into the trilogy proper, and I don't feel like it adds much to the overall story. I listened to the audible version as well, and I can tell you it's a really well done audio book.

I really liked reading the text as well, but whatever. I think it's worth the read just to get you back into the universe. Mitosis: Worth It? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Very well, I shall go ahead and read it. Thank you for the quick responses! Edited December 30, by GreyPilgrim. What's mitosis actually about? The blurb on Brandon's website just says 'reckoners, between books 1 and 2'. No spoilers please, can someone blurb the story for me?

Mitosis demands two things--the surrender of the Reckoners and the life of David Charleston. Spoiler: Cosmere. You don't need to read it to prep for Firefight, but it is a good read and very quick.

Just my two cents: If you have it, read it, but don't go out and buy it. This topic is now closed to further replies. Sign In Sign Up.


Mitosis: A Reckoners Story

It's not necessarily a must read, but still worth-while to spend some more time with the adorable David and his awesome Reckoners, and also to gain some more information about this world Brandon Sanderson has created. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions.


Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson

I do not like false advertising. I never have, and each time I am suckered in by false advertising I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. Mitosis is the name of the Epic that features in this little story, and even the dumbest high school student should be able to get an idea of what his power set is. All I can think is that there is some factoid hinted at within this novella that will play a part in future Reckoners novels, and this was how Sanderson chose to divulge it.


Mitosis is a novelette written by Brandon Sanderson that is part of The Reckoners series. It takes place between Steelheart and Firefight. It is published by Delacorte Press. The title of the novellete, Mitosis , refers to an Epic who attempts to retake control of Newcago after the Reckoners have defeated Steelheart. Mitosis's super power is the ability to split himself into multiple beings. However, the more he splits himself, the less solid his individual parts become.



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