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His astounding output has earned this Telecaster Titan a whopping 14 awards from the Academy of Country Music. Learning guitar solely by ear from age 5, Mason started out by setting an acoustic on his lap while using a kitchen knife as a slide. Made by combining the Mixolydian mode with the blues scale, this hybrid pattern is classic fretboard fodder for modern country.

Be sure not to cut off the ringing strings too early, as the desired effect will be lost. This whole-step down approach works great for adding interest to your dominant lines. Keep in mind that the muted 2nd- and 3rd-string notes are more rhythmic devices than note choices. The slurs hammer-ons and pull-offs are employed for moving to a chord tone or de-emphasizing a strong beat for a jazzy feel. Technically, economic fingering and hybrid picking dexterity is crucial for a smooth and convincing country execution, so take note of the picking directions and fingering suggestions.

In this example, the target notes outline an E7 arpeggio in order: E—B—E—G —D while the muted notes serve as accents toward the chord tones on beats 1 and 3 of each measure. Trial and error shows that palm muting strings 6—4 while fret-hand muting strings 3—1 falls naturally under the hands.

The mechanics of the pedal steel allow inside notes of chords to move while outer notes ring, so its translation to the guitar is through bends underneath, and sometimes above, stationary notes.

The first two measures of Fig. The first line hammers home the E7 harmony with a 5—b7 B—D double-stop, propelling a descending line of 10th-position chromatics through E Mixolydian-blues with a droning, open 1st string added for sonic spice. The muted descent concludes at the 7th-position b7, but an A major pentatonic A—B—C —E—F walk-up approaches the double-stop, half-step bend G —B that starts measure three.

Here, triplet rhythms intensify the proceedings with a double-stop motif that outlines the 3—5 of E G —B, beat 1 and the root—3 of D D—F , beat 3. Absorbing multiple influences within cohesive phrases to create solos is what will make you a unique guitar player. Good luck, and enjoy the journey. Having transcribed songs for online customers while playing over shows in a four-year career, Jeff Adams continues to pursue the guitar with the same zeal he had as a year-old discovering the 6-string.

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Hal Leonard Brent Mason - Hot Wired Guitar Tab Songbook



Brent Mason "Hot Wired" Guitar Tab


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