Editorial Feature. His treatment of verse and his linguistic ability has been compared to literary heavyweights Shakespeare, Vondel, Homer, and Dante. Born in Lisbon in , the poet moved to Coimbra to study at university then to Morocco where he lost an eye during combat as a soldier for the Portuguese army. He then moved to India, where he served as a soldier for three years; Arabia and the east African coasts on military expeditions launched from Portuguese-ruled India; Macau, where he worked as a chief warrant officer and was charged with managing the properties of missing and deceased soldiers in the Orient; and Goa.

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Post a Comment. List of Translated Poems Reviews Thanks to Camoes: Opening of the Lusiadas From Portuguese. We live short lives, try to make our mark, hoping for some kind of afterlife in memories about us.

We owe it to past people to try to understand them, just as we hope future people will respect us. Oh, and a poet too. The actual action of the poem starts immediately after the last stanza translated here. I may or may not do more from the Lusiadas. It's not a book from which it is easy to select manageable excerpts that hang together on their own. Modern performances of medieval plays find various ways to deal with the antisemitism often pervasive in such plays. Dialogue can be recast, certain scenes may be removed, or the staging may be done in a way that plays to how a modern viewer would feel about what they're seeing.

The aim is to make the play work better for a modern audience with modern sensibilities. But in doing this kind of thing to works that are "problematic" last time I'll use the P-word I promise , there seems to be a point where you are essentially pretending that the original is something other than it is, that its creator was something other than what they really were, or even that history did not happen as really it did.

I don't feel the need to prettify this poem. There is no handwaving away the bloodiness of European expansionism either.

The things that make the Lusiadas worth reading, and worth translating, are legion. But neither I nor my reader can have them without dealing with certain things. The French and English, eventually joined by the Dutch, were gaining both territory and trade access at Portugal's expense, both in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere.

Portugal just didn't have the capital needed to sustain a large navy on a scale comparable to other European powers, and lacked the institutions needed to continually train large enough groups with the specialized skills needed for effective overseas colonial administration. When we read the Lusiadas we are reading of things that had already happened, however recently. The later books especially have strong whiff of elegy. His letter home from Goa strongly implies that he could sense the jig was basically up.

The focus on overseas exploration as essential to missionary warfare gave him a more convenient way to think of it. In the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire was a rival super-power. Constantinople had fallen less than a hundred years earlier, Turkish armies were expanding in North Africa and the Balkans. The first siege of Vienna was still within living memory. We do not need to forget history to remember that some of it was still yet to happen.

I'll spread their song wherever there are men So long as Art and Invention helm my pen. Have done with all the Ancient Muses prize. A higher code of honor's on the rise. Apollo: bless their stream as my lines run. Make Portugal a Modern Helicon. Not with a piping goatherd's rude flute bars, But shouts of battle horns that flame the cheek And stir the breast and steel the skin for wars.

Give me a new song equal to the feats Of your people, proudly served by ruddy Mars, To sing and spread their praise in space and time, If verse can compass something so sublime.

Behold a loving eulogy For my country's doughty feats in modern times Given the world in good and cadenced rhymes. It is no base reward to be renowned For voicing praises for my land of birth. Listen, and you will note the names extolled Of men to whom you are the lord on earth. You will not hear of counterfeit Exploits. We do not need the fantasies That other nations' Muses fabulate To glorify themselves in lies. Let the world groan and gape already, sensing The weight of your feats and your forces, King Of African lands and Oriental seas, Where you fulfill your destined victories.

At a flash of you the rugged Indian Will offer his cowed neck to yoke. For you Lord Neptune's Thetys has prepared already A dowry of her whole domain of blue. Your worth and beauty hold her in such awe She wants to win you for a son-in-law. Such renown they bore: One for a golden angel-cherished Peace The other for red works of bleeding War. In you they hope to witness resurrection Of their heroic deeds and days once more, Keeping a place, when all must cease to be For you, in the temple of eternity.

Prepare to be invoked in jeopardy. S6: I. Legend had it that Christ appeared on the field promising the deliverance of Portugal.

The five shields in the Portuguese coat of arms are said to represent the wounds of Christ. The original references the myth of the Twelve Peers of France, and not Arthur's knights. But I felt that the Twelve Knights of the Roundtable did more in English with little consequence for the poem beyond. S Description of renowned men from Portuguese India. Duarte Pacheco Pereira conquered the Malabar coast. Afonso de Albuquerque conquered Goa.

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The Lusiads

It is widely regarded as the most important work of Portuguese literature and is frequently compared to Virgil 's Aeneid 1st c. The work celebrates the discovery of a sea route to India by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama — The ten cantos of the poem are in ottava rima and total 1, stanzas. Written in Homeric fashion, the poem focuses mainly on a fantastical interpretation of the Portuguese voyages of discovery during the 15th and 16th centuries.


Take A Tour Around The World With Poet Luís Vaz de Camões

The work describes the discovery of a sea route to India by Vasco da Gama. The 10 cantos of the poem are in ottava rima and amount to 1, stanzas. The action of the poem begins after an introduction, an invocation, and a dedication to King Sebastian. The voyagers spend several days in Melinde on the east coast of Africa, and, at the request of the king of Melinde, da Gama recounts the entire history of Portugal, from its origins to the inception of their great voyage Cantos III, IV, and V. These cantos contain some of the most compelling passages in the poem. When they reembark, Bacchus tries to arrange the shipwreck of the Portuguese fleet but is prevented by Venus, and da Gama is able to reach his destination, Calicut Kozhikode , now in Kerala state, southwestern India on the Malabar Coast.


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