The sinister landscape pervading the planet places us in a state of urgency. As with all traumatic situations, when not succumbed, we are able to gain access to the effects of violence in our bodies, and from what such effects reveal to us, we can decode the situation and invent means to combat it. We then discover that the focus of violence under the globalitarian capitalist power is the abuse of life in its essence: a driven force of creation every time life is suffocated in the forms of the present. Faced with this modality of power, a new modality of resistance arises, micropolitics. It consists of disarming the regime of unconscious structured in abuse, thus deserting its formations in the social arena, and along with them, our characters in their scenes. This is done by means of a collective process of subjectivation that transfigures and transvalues those scenes, performing new modes of existence.

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The micropolitical matrix of the colonial-capitalistic system is the abuse of the vital forces of the biosphere, whose essence is the creation of new forms whenever needed for the perseveration of life.

In the human species, such abuse reaches today the drive in its very wellspring, diverting it from its ethical destiny—strength of transfiguration of reality and transvaluation of values. Creation is converted into a creativity which designs new scenarios for the accumulation of capital. Suely Rolnik is a Brazilian psychoanalyst, writer and curator. Upon returning to Brazil, she obtained a Ph. Her research focuses on the politics of subjectivation in different contexts micropolitics from a transdisciplinary theoretical perspective, indissociable from clinical-political pragmatics.

Cartografias do desejo Vozes, , 7 th ed. A vous de donner le souffle. Mar 5 — 28, John Miller, Storage Area , Acrylic and assorted objects on styrofoam sphere. Gift of Peter Norton. Seminar 1: A Sinister Landscape and The micropolitical sphere of power The paradoxical relation between neoliberalism and conservatism The limit of the Left: the reduction to macropolitics The abuse of the vital force The subjective experience: the subject and the outside-of-the-subject The colonial-capitalistic unconscious Seminar 2: The macro and micropoltical spheres of resistance Their specificities and their necessary articulation Ten Suggestions for Decolonizing the Unconscious.

Mon, Mar 19, pm to pm. Tue, Mar 20, pm to pm. Wed, Mar 21, pm to pm. February 27, 12am.


Suely Rolnik



File:Guattari Felix Rolnik Suely Micropolitica cartografias do desejo 4a ed 1996 PT.pdf


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