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Caterpillar D Rock Truck. Imperial Metric. Dimensions Dimensions. A Overall Length. B Overall Width. C Overall Height. D Wheelbase. E Ground Clearance. F Dump Height. G Dump Ground Clearance.

Centerline Front Tire Width. Front Canopy Height. Inside Body Length. Loading Height - Empty. Operating Width. Overall Height - Body Raised. Wheel Base. Load Capacity - Struck. Raise Time. Load Capacity - Heaped. Lower Time. Specifications Engine. Number Of Cylinders. Engine Model. Net Power. Gross Power. Power Measured. Max Torque. Net Power - Cat. Net Power - Iso Net Power - Sae J Gross Power - Sae J Flywheel Power. Operational Weight. Fuel Capacity. Cooling System Fluid Capacity.

Engine Oil Capacity. Steering System Fluid Capacity. Operating Voltage. Tire Size. Number Of Gears - Forward. Number Of Gears - Reverse. Max Speed. Forward - 1. Forward - 2. Forward - 3. Forward - 4. Forward - 5. Forward - 6. Forward - 7. Empty Weight. Loaded Weight. Weight Distribution Front - Empty. Weight Distribution Rear - Empty.

Weight Distribution Front - Loaded. Weight Distribution Rear - Loaded. Standard Tire. Body Hoists. Pump Flow - High Idle. Relief Valve Setting - Raise. Body Raise Time - High Idle. Body Lower Time - Float. Final Drives. Planetary Ratio. Operating Specifications. Circle Clearance Diameter. Top Speed - Loaded. Body Capacity - Struck. Maximum Capacity. Body Capacity - Sae Service Refill Capacities.

Cooling System. Steering Tank. Steering System - Including Tank. Fuel Tank. Brake Hoist System - Includes Tank. Weight Distributions - Approximate. Front Axle - Empty. Front Axle - Loaded. Rear Axle - Empty. Rear Axle - Loaded. Weights - Approximate. Operating Weight - Empty. Operating Weight - Loaded. Terex TR Load Capacity - Heaped Net Power hp. Hitachi EH Caterpillar E. See Caterpillar Rock Truck for sale rbauction. See Caterpillar Rock Truck for sale ironplanet.

See Caterpillar Rock Truck for sale mascus.


Caterpillar 773 D Specifications & Technical Data (1996-2001)



Caterpillar 773D Off-Highway Trucks


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