This FAQ contains spoilers! If you don't want spoilers, please read no further. Melliandra's life will continue after this book, and I will write the story of her adventures, but her role and her own story goals in the Tairen Soul series were completely resolved in COCF. She achieved her goal.

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This FAQ contains spoilers! If you don't want spoilers, please read no further. Melliandra's life will continue after this book, and I will write the story of her adventures, but her role and her own story goals in the Tairen Soul series were completely resolved in COCF.

She achieved her goal. She already told Shan she believed the Fey would kill her for being Eld. It's also important to remember that she didn't free Shan out of kindness. She freed him solely so he could kill the High Mage and set her free from the Mage Marks that enslaved her.

And killing Maur could well have cost Shan and Elfeya their lives, so there was no altruism on Melliandra's part. Her arrangement with Shan was a barter, his freedom for hers, with deadly risk on both sides.

To have her act in any other way than she did escaping with Shia's child and forging her own path towards freedom would have been completely counter to her personality, her goals, and her very strong, very mistrusting survival instincts. Melliandra's story in this series ends on COCF p. Everything Melliandra has ever wanted throughout the series is resolved in that one paragraph. Freedom - for herself and Shia's son. And she gets a bonus - more children, including a little girl with eyes the color of a bright blue sky the sky she equates with the freedom she's long dreamed of , and a companion, Nicolene.

The little girl is a symbol of Melliandra herself and of her lifelong dreams of freedom, the living embodiment of her hope and lost innocence, and a symbol of her own vulnerability. She knows taking that child will put them in danger-slow them down, make recapture more likely.

She has no emotional ties to the girl the way she does to Shia's son, and saving the girl child was completely impractical. Melliandra is a very practical person, brutally so when the situation warrants.

So by saving the girl - even though she only does it grudgingly - Melliandra has in essence saved the innocent, vulnerable child she once was, saved the dreamer who dared to imagine a world without chains, and ultimately saved her own soul because saving that toddler is the only truly selfless act she's performed in the entire series.

Every other decision she's ever made has been to further her goal of getting Shia's son and herself to freedom. Even opening her mind to Shan benefitted her aim by making it easier for him to find and kill Vadim Maur.

Letting Nicolene come along helps ensure the children's survival by having a healer with them. The decision to take the toddler is the only decision Melliandra makes that holds no possible benefit for her.

It is, in fact, counterproductive to her goals putting her escape at greater risk , and yet she does it anyways. Rescuing that little girl proves that Melliandra has earned her own happy ending.

Note: What the toddler girl becomes, I still don't know. It will be interesting to see. Melliandra didn't come into her power until this book. Remember, Vadim also didn't know Ellie had magic either, though granted, her parents hid all signs of it from him. Melliandra is a young teen, just coming into adulthood, and that physical maturing is bringing her magic to fruition as well.

Shia was a descendent of the vel Serranis bloodline, just like Gaelen, and they had the same very distinctive eye color. Shia was very important to Melliandra Shia gave Melliandra her name and her first taste of love and kindness. See p. Shan offered Melliandra safe haven, and she refused. Should he repay her for setting him free by taking her with him against her will? She's a child of Eld, and clearly a survivor. A warrior in her own right. Remember, Melliandra risked her life breaking into Vadim Maur's vault to get Shan's sorreisu'kiyr and blades.

She's clearly resourceful, courageous, and capable of looking out for herself. She is not a Fey woman, whose extreme empathy makes her incapable of defending herself. He respects her enough to honor her choices, as he would honor the choices of a fellow Fey warrior. Any other action on his part would have been a betrayal in Melliandra's eyes.

Once Boura Fell began coming down around their ears, Shan's only priority was to get his truemate and the other captive women and children to safety, not to run around searching for an Elden girl who already told him she had no intentions of coming with him.

Elfeya did bless Melliandra, and from a shei'dalin as powerful as Elfeya v'En Celay, that's no small thing. No, Melliandra did not make it to the Fading Lands because that wasn't where she was heading. She's going north, to the Mandolay Mountains. Laying hands on Gaelen when he was dahl'reisen nearly killed Ellysetta and nearly drove Rain insane. Neither of them - and none of their lu'tan - would willingly put the world at such risk. I have no doubt, however, that Ellysetta will begin searching the Mirror of Knowledge for ways to heal the dahl'reisen - or prevent Fey from becoming dahl'reisen to begin with.

That doesn't mean I've given up on them, though. The long answer is: Bel's book is already underway and Gaelen's book has a preliminary plotline. Bel's book, most likely, will come after the other FL projects due to the Elloran timeline.

Was the girl toddler that Melliandra and the Fey woman rescued at the last minute significant in some way? Why had the High Mage determined Melliandra had no magic at a very young age when she clearly had great power? Surely, Shannissoran V'en Celay would want to see to the wellbeing of the little girl who risked so much to save him. Why didn't he look for her?

Did Melliandra ever make it to the Fading Lands? Will you be writing their story? Will you be writing more books set in the Fading Lands? Will you be writing Bel's book? Back To Top.

Gaelen is bloodsworn to Ellysetta. A shei'tanitsa bond cannot form where other bonds hold sway. Someplace remote and inaccessible. Someplace she hopes she and the children will be safe from both Eld and Fey. Elfeya seems to think something's brewing there. As for their story, we'll have to wait and see. It's percolating, but I don't have anything definite yet.

I left myself plenty of interesting characters, lands, and plot threads to work with. The short answer is: yes, to both.


Review of Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul #1) by C.L. Wilson

The Tairen Soul Series is a five book high fantasy romance novel series by C. Bordered by the Pereline Ocean to the east, and four of the World's most powerful magical races to the north, west, and south, Celieria exists as a buffering island of humanity in a sea of magical and immortal beings. Ruled by a King whose ancestors include a powerful Fey shei'dalin, Celieria has long been a close ally of the Fey. For a thousand years, the alliance stood strong and unchallenged, but times are changing. Distrust of the Fey is growing.


Lord of the Fading Lands

Review : Okay the only reason I even read C. Since reading her posts on them I knew I had to check them out myself. Anyway, after reading one of her books I knew that I had to find her older series and check it out. Now here we are. This book was such a great read that I think it only took me about two days to read it cover to cover. I was just hooked on chapter one. I knew by the middle of the book I would have to try and find the rest of the books right away.


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Tairen Soul Series


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