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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Paul Blackburn Translator. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published April 17th by New Directions first published More Details Original Title.

Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Cronopios and Famas , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Cronopios and Famas. Mar 31, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. Julio, your Cronopios are driving me crazy! Sing one singe note, listen to it from inside.

I start delivering my speech. I try speaking louder. No luck. I try speaking slower. Once again, not a single word is being understood. I resort to simply moving my lips. The audience sits up and begins to understand. I stop moving my lips and start waving my arms. Everyone nods their head in approval. I stop waving my arms and simply stand there.

I receive a round of applause. I remove my eyes, nose and mouth and tuck them in my pants pocket. The audience moves toward the podium — I can hear them — and each member takes a turn embracing me. I wiggle my ears as a way of saying thank you. Here the cronopio pauses for to go into the street, he needed the key to the door. I turned my head, my only me, and saw one of my arms, the left one, I think, on the bureau and my scrotum hanging on my clothes-tree.

I turned my head the other way. My toes rested like ten pale Brazil nuts on the windowsill, the cheeks of my buttocks on the floor, a calf and knee poking out of the pants I threw over a chair last night. I looked up at the ceiling.

More of the same: my neck, another leg, thumbs, and, yes, my penis, all dangle from the light cord. I open my bedroom door and the rooms of my house and the rest of the neighborhood are scattered on a wide, grassy plain.

A patient arrives almost immediately and tells him how there are places that ache and how there are places that ache and how he doesn't sleep at night and eats nothing during the day. The patient leaves, somewhat surprised, but he buys the bouquet and is instantly cured. Bursting with gratitude, he returns to the cronopio and not only plays him but, as a delicate testimonial, he presents him with the gift of a handsome bouquet of roses. He has hardly left the office when the cronopio falls ill, aches all over, can't sleep at night, and eats nothing during the day.

In the recovery room, its time to strike up the band. Breakfast sounds like John Philip Sousa. Nurses wave flags, visitors toss confetti and the patient in the bed by the wall, who has been bedridden for over a month, gets up and starts marching around the room. The famas know it, and make fun of it.

The largest frogs he flies with a piece of cloth tied to one frog leg and string to the other. For the smaller ones, he uses four pieces of balsa wood to stick two frogs together to make a box kite.

By passing gas, however, the frogs eventually run out of helium and glide back to earth slowly, trying to avoid tires of trucks and beaks of storks — and Billy, that naughty boy with his pathological knack for constructing frog kites.

View all 30 comments. I think I should yet work at some aspects of my personality to become better cronopio. Unfortunately I observe some fama in me either and at times too much to my liking, sigh. You could say there is nothing wrong with them. Famas are tidy and organized and prescient and cautious.

And I'd add boooring yet. Cronopios for a change are depicted as sensitive creatures, imaginative, rebellious even, greenish, frizzly, wet objects. You may think what you want now. And there is yet a third ca I think I should yet work at some aspects of my personality to become better cronopio. And there is yet a third category- esperanzas, and they are majority I assume, and one could characterize them as indolent and plain and dull individuals.

So if you don't know what type you are please read Turtles and Cronopios : Now it happens that turtles are great speed enthusiasts, which is natural.

A cronopio built a house and, following the custom, set into the porch divers tiles which he bought or had made. The tiles were cemented up in such a way that they could be read in order. In the seventies and early eighties of the last century there was a real boom on iberoamerican literature in Poland. And I almost forgot how good it feels. Cortazar is imaginative, his stories are weird and funny, I have somewhat strange sense of humour so it helps, I think.

Cronopios and famas consists of four parts and these are: The Instruction Manual , Unusual Occupations , Unstable stuff and last section is the title one. Everything is a bit surrealistic even if deadly serious and absurd humour is something I'm particularly very fond of. I liked playfulness there and distorted image of reality, I enjoyed nonsensical apparently instructions how to deal with every day situations like this one on how to climb a staircase view spoiler [ To climb a staircase one begins by lifting that part of the body located below and to the right, usually encased in leather or deerskin, and which, with a few exceptions, fits exactly on the stair.

The first steps are always the most difficult, until you acquire the necessary coordination. And here I was thinking I knew something on that matter already. I spent some delightful time with narrator's bizarre family observing how they conduct themselves at wakes or taking a job at post office and I thought I would employ the idea inclosed in The possibilities of abstraction especially while attending some dull work conferences.

Why not five stars then? Blame that fama in me. View all 26 comments. Feb 03, Alex rated it it was amazing Shelves: , dark-magic , favorite-reviews , metafiction. There's no such thing as prose poetry because poetry is writing in short lines; that's the only thing that makes it poetry; if it's not in short lines it's not poetry.

That's why I like the directions for microwave pizza. But when people say prose poetry, this is what they mean. And it's usually really funny, which is nice.

That's also more evidence that it's not poetry: poetry is almost never funny. Poets are w There's no such thing as prose poetry because poetry is writing in short lines; that's the only thing that makes it poetry; if it's not in short lines it's not poetry. Poets are writers who are too overwhelmed by angst to write full sentences. Except for the old-timey ones. They had to write in short lines because long ones hadn't been invented yet.


Cronopios and Famas

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Cortazar's Cronopios and Famas in English. Track this topic.


Cronopio (literature)

Together with famas literally fames and esperanzas hopes , cronopios are the subject of several short stories in his book Historias de cronopios y de famas and Cortazar continued to write about cronopios, famas, and esperanzas in other texts through the s. In general, cronopios are depicted as naive and idealistic , disorganized, unconventional and sensitive creatures, who stand in contrast or opposition to famas who are rigid, organized and judgmental if well-intentioned and esperanzas who are plain, indolent, unimaginative and dull. He does refer to them in one of the early stories Costumbres de los famas as "those greenish, frizzly, wet objects," but this description is just the initial author's vision of the invented character. These demonstrate aspects of cronopios' personalities, habits, and inclinations. Some literary critics consider Cortazar's cronopios stories as lesser works compared to other of the author's novels and short stories. Others have looked for hidden metaphysical meanings in these stories or for a universal taxonomy of human beings.





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