Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books. FRED data. Citations Many of the citations below have been collected in an experimental project, CitEc , where a more detailed citation analysis can be found. These are citations from works listed in RePEc that could be analyzed mechanically.

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Hindi magawa ngayon ng system ang pagtakbo. Pakisubukan muli sa ibang pagkakataon. Mga pagsipi bawat taon. Doblehin ang mga pagsipi. Ang sumusunod na mga artikulo ay naka-merge sa Scholar. Ang pinagsama-samang pagsipi sa mga ito ay bibilangin lamang para sa unang artikulo. Mga na-merge na pagsipi. Ang bilang na ito para sa "Sinipi ni" ay naglalakip ng pagsipi sa sumusunod na artikulo sa Scholar.

Magdagdag ng mga kapwa may-akda Mga kapwa may-akda. Mag-upload ng PDF. Subaybayan ang may-akdang ito. Mga bagong artikulo ng may-akdang ito. Mga bagong pagsipi sa may-akdang ito. Mga bagong artikulong nauugnay sa pananaliksik ng may-akdang ito. Email address para sa mga update. Tapos na. Aking profile Aking library Metrics Mga Alerto. Mga setting. Mag-sign in. Magkaroon ng sarili kong profile Sinipi ni Tingnan lahat Lahat Simula Mga Pagsipi h-index 41 26 iindex 85 Mga kapwa may-akda Bruno M.

Parigi Univ. Mga Artikulo Sinipi ni Mga kapwa may-akda. Pamagat Pagbukud-bukurin Pagbukud-bukurin ayon sa mga pagsipi Pagbukud-bukurin ayon sa taon Pagbukud-bukurin ayon sa pamagat.

Journal of money, credit and banking, , The Journal of Finance, February 67 1 , 85— , Journal of Political Economy 2 , , The review of economic studies 52 2 , , The Review of Financial Studies 29 10 , , Journal of Financial Economics 85 2 , , The Review of Financial Studies 19 3 , , The Review of Financial Studies 18 2 , , The Review of Financial Studies 24 8 , , Journal of Financial Intermediation 7 1 , , Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 40 6 , , Journal of the european economic association 2 6 , , Journal of Financial Intermediation 16 4 , , Mga Artikulo 1—20 Magpakita ng higit pa.

Tulong Privacy Mga Tuntunin. Mga Pagsipi. Equity, bonds, and bank debt: Capital structure and financial market equilibrium under asymmetric information P Bolton, X Freixas Journal of Political Economy 2 , , Planning under incomplete information and the ratchet effect X Freixas, R Guesnerie, J Tirole The review of economic studies 52 2 , , Conflicts of interest, information provision, and competition in the financial services industry P Bolton, X Freixas, J Shapiro Journal of Financial Economics 85 2 , , Contagion and efficiency in gross and net interbank payment systems X Freixas, B Parigi Journal of Financial Intermediation 7 1 , , Optimal bail out policy, conditionality and constructive ambiguity X Freixas Working paper ,


Microeconomics of banking

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Economia Bancaria

Over the last thirty years, a new paradigm in banking theory has overturned economists' traditional vision of the banking sector. The asymmetric information model, extremely powerful in many areas of economic theory, has proven useful in banking theory both for explaining the role of banks in the economy and for pointing out structural weaknesses in the banking sector that may justify government intervention. In the past, banking courses in most doctoral programs in economics, business, or finance focused either on management or monetary issues and their macroeconomic consequences; a microeconomic theory of banking did not exist because the Arrow-Debreu general equilibrium model of complete contingent markets the standard reference at the time was unable to explain the role of banks in the economy. This text provides students with a guide to the microeconomic theory of banking that has emerged since then, examining the main issues and offering the necessary tools for understanding how they have been modeled. This second edition covers the recent dramatic developments in academic research on the microeconomics of banking, with a focus on four important topics: the theory of two-sided markets and its implications for the payment card industry; "non-price competition" and its effect on the competition-stability tradeoff and the entry of new banks; the transmission of monetary policy and the effect on the functioning of the credit market of capital requirements for banks; and the theoretical foundations of banking regulation, which have been clarified, although recent developments in risk modeling have not yet led to a significant parallel development of economic modeling. Toggle navigation. Cerrar Buscar.


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Xavier Freixas


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