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Our review conviction of the importance of scientific research to emphasize the efforts of researchers by the publication of their scientific results of the Algerian university and other institutions, in order to improve the level of research in institutions scientists.

The review aimed to attract researchers around the world by provide a scientific platform for discussion and contribution innovative researches, and make bridgs between researchers in Arab countries, Africa and from the world, to exchange experiences and results, to contribute the development and ensure a useful exchange of knowledge, and to find solutions for contemporary economic problems.

The review includes an international editorial board that works due to international standards. Our team ensures a documented scientific treatment method for researches, and works to improve and upgrade the journal to reach global levels and advance scientific research.

The review is issued in both print and online versions. All papers and researches around the world are very welcome in our International review. Abstract: This study aims to building a model that reflects the relationship between the quantitative instruments of monetary policy and inflation, The study found that there is no effect of the open market policy on the monthly inflation rates in Algeria, While both the rate of rebate and the mandatory reserve rate affect the monthly inflation rates in Algeria, This paper research recommends the need to activate quantitative tools for monetary policy, which in turn requires the activation and revitalization of the monetary and financial market, in addition to the need to spread the culture of banking.

Abstract The study aimed to identify the impact of administrative training in the Jerusalem governorate an applied study on the municipalities of East Jerusalem , knowing the factors affecting the training and its relationship with the performance of the employees of the mentioned municipalities. The study was restricted to the municipalities of East Jerusalem, which were 3 municipalities, and the researcher relied on the descriptive analytical approach to achieve the goals of the study; the researcher used the questionnaire as a tool to collect data.

The study reached many results, the most important are: Training leads to improved employee performance and helps raise their job capabilities, and that the availability of training programs within the strategic plans of the municipalities, and the availability of specialized trainers and the appropriate environment for training leads to achieving the goal of training, also it was found that there were no statistically significant differences in the impact of administrative training on the performance of municipal employees due to the study variables.

Based on the results of the study, The researcher recommended several recommendations, the most important are: The training should be within the strategic plans of the municipalities and involve the employees in preparing these plans, Providing the appropriate environment for training and material requirements for training courses, as well as the use of experts specializing in management training to reach high levels of performance and accomplish work efficiently and effectively.

This study is aimed at trying to understand the various effects of organized crime phenomenon on food security, we divided this article into three research points using the descriptive method as the mos tappropriate to addressthiskind of themeswereached a set of results, the food security is affected by phenomenon organized crime, both through the effects imposed by terrestrial agriculture through changing crop structure of agricultural land in a manner directly by substitution of drug cultivation, the place of cultivation food, or indirectly through the influence of organized criminal groups on the farmer and get him to do other criminal activities, Which leads to the neglect of his land or through the smuggling of commoditie ssupported and not supported and the resulting multiple effects, but also through sea piracy on commercial food or destined for food assistance to under developed states.

The purpose of this study is to explore and discuss the importance and benefits of new financial technologies that taken place in the policies of banks and financial institutions by presenting some important results and facts in this field. Also, this research aims to present some of the technology risks, especially for banks and financial institutions as a result of the expansion of these financial technologies and its various applications.

This research shows that the new financial technologies affect positively in the policies and operations of banks and financial institutions, and confirms it is necessary for these companies to do great efforts to confront the expected risks in this field. Abstract:This study aims to determine the role of entrepreneurial education on developing the entrepreneurial spirit of students of Tebessa University, and to discover the possibility of their orientation across the creation of small projects and Start-Up's after their graduation, as well as their ability to reflect their ideas and their orientation across the field of entrepreneurship.

The importance of this study is that it includes the category of students who are about to graduate. In order to answer the problematic, an electronic questionnaire was prepared and distributed to the students.

After analyzing the data collected by using the SPSS program, the study concludes that entrepreneurial education develops the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students, and contributes to their orientation across the creation of a small projects and Start-Up's. Through this research paper, we try to highlight the role that values such as the spirit of initiative and innovation play in promoting the knowledge economy that began to emerge at the end of the 20th century thanks to the development of scientific research and information technologies, which constitute one of its means of expansion.

To this end, we consulted a number of Arab and foreign sources and references, most of whom agreed that the knowledge economy is based on the spirit of initiative and innovation that characterize active individuals who are always in search of the new and the change towards the best and who are often holders of patents for inventions. Abstract: The study aims to search on the reality of the application of social responsibility in the Algerian petroleum companies in light of the international standard ISO and the extent of the commitment of these companies to social responsibility, and in order to achieve that this study was applied to a sample of petroleum companies in Hassi Messaoud, these companies are represented in SONATRACH.

ENTP, and the study reached the following results. The application of the concept of social responsibility in the companies of the study sample remains. This study aims to highlight the role of the information system in achieving technological alertness in institutions in order to enhance its competitiveness in the industry, and we are trying to shed light on the reality of the information system in Saidal Complex and the extent of its contribution to activating technological alertness.

The results have concluded that there is awareness by the Saidal Complex of the importance Information system This allowed the complex technological alert cell to monitor and track the latest technology developments in the pharmaceutical industry, which helped it to obtain patents for some drugs. The study aimed to highlight the role that creativity and marketing innovation plays in activating marketing in relationship in an environment where obtaining a new customer has become very costly, by presenting various models of marketing innovation.

It was found that creativity in marketing research contributes to building a database of data and information unique to the customer and the environment surrounding the institution, and this distinct information supports making decisions aimed at obtaining an innovative and distinct marketing mix from the rest of the competitors.

In turn, it contributes to fulfilling the client's apparent and underlying needs and exceeds his satisfaction to earn his loyalty and keep him for as long as possible. This research aims to identify the impact of using the computerized accounting information system on audit process, through a survey included 68 samples of the opinions of professionals and University professors in accounting and auditing field. The study concluded that the use of technology in the accounting information system affect the audit process, where this effect included most of the audit components and resulted in the emergence of new procedures and methods of auditing, also adjusting and adapting its standards to be compatible with modern environment.

Total Quality Management. Digital government. JEL classification codes:. The study used the survey method, and the questionnaire was distributed to individuals.

The study found that the most promotional pages that are exposed to Jordanian women on social network sites are on Facebook. The results also revealed the existence of statistically significant differences between the extent of exposure to the promotional pages and demographic factors age, marital status. Rabeh Khouni khouni yahoo. Wahiba Gaham w. Sabrina Manaa manaa. Tarek Sadraoui tarek. Wahiba BALI wahibakalboussi yahoo. Yahdih Semlali dr. Annuler S'abonner.


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