The main objective of this transnational consortium is to assemble an online learning platform as an open educational resource, targeting firstly architectural, art historian and urban analyst students and parallelly media and web designer students in VET and on other levels. The main output of the programme is a 4-piece collection of interactive 3d city maps showing the centres of Edinburgh, Granada, Budapest and Lublin as non-formal educational tools. The creation of the animated models is based on a scientifically carried-out historical and urbanistic research collecting all available source materials, like old maps, perspectives and archive texts to be able to rebuild and represent the selected time periods of the cities — from their foundation to modern times. This approach gives the possibility to freely explore the urban environment in both space and time, collecting knowledge about the monuments and urban textile through interaction with the models. The multilingual content of the city maps will make them act as 3d visual dictionaries and can also function as content and language integrated learning resources. As a result of the transnationally carried-out research a comprehensive study is also assembled by the research institutions showing the outstanding materials collected together about the analysed cities and summarising the steps of the product-oriented cooperation with the architectural and media enterprises.

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Official PvP servers wipe. Dear PvP players, we would like to remind you that all the Official PvP servers have a scheduled wipe this Friday May 22nd, wiping every 4 weeks. Please note that unlike the previous wipe, with this wipe the weapons will be unobtainable until the respective tier is reached so players going to spacedrop event or visiting radtowns will not find higher-tier weapons there.

Obtaining armor and medical items is sometimes possible up to a tier higher than currently available except top T4 armor that requires reaching according T4 tech time gate as we want to keep a good value of the spacedrop event. Oh, and one more thing. We've just closed the survey which was running for a while now. Almost a thousand people participated. Thank you very much everyone!

It really helped us have a clearer picture of what people think about certain aspects of the game and the future the game will take! Mapa de recursos Cryofall Resource Map Cryofall. World map. How to install mods. CryoFall is a game with very high modding possibility, so it's essential to know how to install mods to enjoy full potential of the game.

Compilation of knowledge to get you where you want to be or discover a more efficient way as you explore the island of Cryofall. Contains blocks of text that you can copy and paste into global chat to help your fellow players. Titris Thrawn. This guide explains the details and differences between available game modes in CryoFall. AtomicTorch Studio. Kane Hart. Good day, everyone! It's been a while since the last time we conducted a community survey about the future of CryoFall, but seeing that the game has developed a lot in that time we felt now would be the perfect opportunity.

Especially considering that we want to prepare the game for release some time in the future. We want to make sure we understand what's important from the players' perspective. Please try to give us your honest opinion so we can better understand what you think is the important the most and where we should take the game from here. Supporter Pack Update 2 and A26 patches! We are happy to say that we have just updated the CryoFall Supporter Pack! As the game develops it gains more and more new content and features, this means we can also include more content into the Supporter Pack.

This update brings additional concept art, high-resolution game art, new avatars, and other goodies. If you have purchased the Supporter Pack previously—you can immediately access all of it. And if not—we would be very thankful if you can consider supporting the game with this little additional purchase. The Supporter Pack doesn't provide any advantage in the game and is purely optional. It includes the game's complete soundtrack now 7 tracks, total over 22 minutes long , concept art, high-resolution game art, chat badge, etc.

And now the good news about the game! Since the A26 Update launch, we've released two important patches for CryoFall. We've reworked the active events so more players could participate in them at once and have decent rewards, improved the technology tooltips to indicate the required dependent technologies, and overall bring dozens of essential improvements and fixes.

Please read the patch notes on the official forums [forums. Gas generator. The difficulty of getting oil VS the amount of excess power they generate is tiny compared to the "lower tech" steam generator. Extremely easy to get tons of fire logs for a steam generator. Toothless Raider. Linux Proton. Hello, I've been playing for a long time using Linux thanks to Proton. Muty Ny. Minden jog fenntartva.


Applicable Representation of City Centres With Heritage Importance

We have collected different ways that you can decorate your eggs this Easter that are fun and creative. Kids will love them and you will adore the different ways of making your eggs a bit more unique than last year. Whether you like glitter, stenciling or you really do prefer the vinegar based dyes that you used when you were a kid, you are sure to find a decorating idea that you will love. Take a look at the different ways that you can make your eggs extra special this year. There is a decorating idea for every preference and many that may really blow your mind.


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