Details Title Page 8. Ottomar Laamann asfene ' Ottomar Laamann on vil Krimmi eesti asunilde, kes siin pa-guluses veel alles on; Ta on sndi-nud Eesti asunduses Samrukis,Krim-mis Peale kodu-kla'algkooli lpetas ta segasel vene revolutsiooni aj i l Vaba-' riigi Valitsus on tema teeneid hinna-nud Valgethe aumrgiga.

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Warpi pidu seekord KUMUs. Briti plaadifirma WarpP teemalisest peost 2. Osaleb 15 riiki 19 laeva ja seitsme tuukrimeeskonnaga. A TNA explosives-detection system in airline baggage. Shea, P. Science Applications International Corp. Existing technologies that are applied to explosives-detection in passenger baggage are briefly discussed.

A system based on thermal-neutron analysis TNA is described. The actual performance of the system in the field on passenger bags is given. The application of the TNA in an integrated airport security system is discussed in view of the intense public debate on this issue.

Lisa: Aerofloti saaga. Festival algab Brian de Palma filmiga "Must daalia". R[eet] V[arblane. Betoonipidu Kumus. Dokumentalistika Kumus. KUMU auditooriumis on Renz, W. This work presents the studies carried out in the TNA and the field tests performed.

They confirmed the advanced series compensation behavior as predicted in the digital studies. Such studies included different ways of operating and controlling the installation, in other words, controlling the impedance, the current and the thyristor-switched reactor. Besides that, it has been studied fault cases and it has been corroborated a reduction in the nominal values of lightning arresters and in circuit breakers requests.

Damping studies of sub-synchronous resonance have also been carried out and the conclusions are shown 4 refs. Tetranectin is a plasminogen-binding protein that is induced during the mineralization phase of osteogenesis.

A standard system for conducting a quantitative and a qualitative training needs analysis had been developed and it has been used as a framework for the analysis from the 4 partners: Limerick Due to the different experience level among staff and the different national and local regulations and the school contexts; the four partners have made their individual version Limerick and Palermo have completed both a quantitative and a qualitative training needs analyses.

Copenhagen and Esbjerg have completed a qualitative training needs analysis. This report summarises the findings of the four partners Kumus avanevad looduse saladused. Alates Kommenteerib loodusteadlane Aleksei Turovski. Attenborough' filmid Kumus. Saksa maaligeenius Kumus. Richteri sarjast "48 portreed". Maailma loodusfoto Kumus. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Here we show that both nicotinamide riboside and nicotinic acid are not only vitamins but are also exported metabolites.

We found that the deletion of the nicotinamide riboside transporter, Nrt1, leads to increased export of nicotinamide riboside. This discovery was exploited to engineer a strain to produce high levels of extracellular nicotinamide riboside, which was recovered in purified form.

We further demonstrate that extracellular nicotinamide is readily converted to extracellular nicotinic acid in a manner that requires intracellular nicotinamidase activity. Like nicotinamide riboside, export of nicotinic acid is elevated by the deletion of the nicotinic acid transporter, Tna 1. Gallic acid, a polyhydroxylphenolic compound, is widely distributed in various plants, fruits and foods. It has been shown that gallic acid passes into blood brain barrier and reaches the brain tissue of middle cerebral artery occlusion rats.

Moreover, gallic acid activated mitochondrial apoptotic pathways that involved ROS production. All rights reserved. The Mesophotic Coral Ecosystem is the deeper-water extension of the much-studied, shallow reef community.

Framework-building corals at these depths are primarily platy montastraeids and agariciids, with lesser amounts of massive encrusting species. The colonies are elevated above the substrate. Their growth creates a thicket-like structure with large, open spaces for mobile species fish and crustaceans and extensive habitat for attached and grazing invertebrates.

The MCE includes genera or species of zooxanthellate corals, invertebrates and fish, some of which are the same as those in shallow water. Given, the widespread, recent declines of TNA coral communities at depth less than 20 m, it is essential to know the total regional extent of the MCE. The results for the larger areas of reef development and for shelf areas are below:Potential MCE shelf habitats.

Algab suur animatsioonipidu. Algab uus kontserdisari. Meloodilist ekstreem-metal'it viljelevast rootsi ansamblist Soilwork, kontserdist BEM Agency uue kontserdisarja Greenpit raames Robinson, Suurbritannia Algab animafilmide festival "Animated dreams". Nukufilmi stuudio ja animafilmide festival "Animated Dreams" Filmiprogrammist tutvustavalt. Tallinna Saksa maalikunstniku Gerhard Richteri s. Kuraator Eha Komissarov, kujundaja Urmas Muru. Kumu Kunstimuuseumis avatakse Kotleri raamatust "Turundusvaatenurgad Ast Zni".

Homme kell 13 algab Von Krahli teatris III rahvusvaheline video ja performance'i festival "Inport ", mille on kokku pannud Gert Hatsukov. V kell 19 algab Tartu Sadamateatris Muusikat teevad Kiwa, King-Bit, Fabrique jt.

Berliini filmifestivalist, mis avatakse 7. Kodakondsus- ja migratsiooniosakondades plaanitavad muudatused. Vihma tibutab! Algab Lisaks annavad kontserdi solist Sofia Rubina ja ansambel Vox Clamantis. Ettekannetest, 1. Eesti skulptuurilegend" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis Eksponeeritakse 73 skulptuuri ja enam kui 70 joonistust aastaist Anton Starkopfi elust ja loomingust. Detection of explosives on the basis of TNA -method.

The possibility of applying the counting efficiency methods in the algorithm of the arrangement program intended for searching the explosive substances through the neutron radiation analysis method is discussed.

The capture radiation spectra registered on the real facility model, and the response calculational functions for the 6 and The possibility of applying the considered methods in the task of the explosive substances identification is described [ru. Algab sari "Kontserdid Kunstihoones".

Tallinna Kunstihoone suures saalis. Tartu Jaani kirikus ja Travise triloogia filmi "Kui Lisatud kava. Ilmunud ka Oma Saar Kolloid- ja keskkonnakeemia vanemteadur Toonika Rinken tutvustab esimeses saates biosensorit. Ideoloogia ja identiteedi vahel" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis Full Text Available Upaya mitigasi di sektor pertanian menjadi sangat penting karena sektor ini berkontribusi terhadap munculnya emisi gas rumah kaca GRK, namun demikian kajian terhadap kebutuhan teknologi untuk mitigasi belum dilakukan.

Kajian difokuskan pada seleksi teknologi, kendala dan peluang untuk mengatasi masalah. Seleksi teknologi didasarkan pada criteria dan opsi teknologi yang diperlukan. Data dan informasi dikumpulkan dari berbagai lembaga baik badan, pusat dan lembaga-lembaga terkait lainnya serta melalui lokakarya yang melibatkan para pemangku kepentingan.

Seleksi teknologi untuk mitigasi mempertimbangkan criteria umum yang meliputi pengurangan emisi GRK dari tanaman dan ternak, konservasi sumberdaya, untuk keberlanjutan keanekaragaman hayati, mengangkat isu energi hijau, keberlanjutan keamanan pangan, dan mengangkat isu energi alternatif; dan spesifik criteria yang meliputi memprioritaskan teknologi lokal untuk mitigasi, keberlanjutan plasma nutfah spesifik lokasi, memprioritaskan teknologi yang murah untuk petani miskin, introduksi varietas tanaman yang rendah emisi, mengganti sebagian pupuk kimia dengan pupuk organik, serta mengurangi emisi gas metana CH4.

Mitigation action in agriculture sector is crucial since it contributes to greenhouse gas emission, yet technologies need for have not been assessed.

The technology needs assessment for the agriculture sector cover paddy field, perennial crops, peat soil, and livestock. Selected technologies are based on criteria and priority options of technology needs. Data and information have been collected from related agencies, center, institutes and other relevant sources as well as through a workshop. Those criteria are scored into 4 classes, i.


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Meie elu, February 28, 1985, page 8

Warpi pidu seekord KUMUs. Briti plaadifirma WarpP teemalisest peost 2. Osaleb 15 riiki 19 laeva ja seitsme tuukrimeeskonnaga. A TNA explosives-detection system in airline baggage. Shea, P.

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