The Ensoniq MR61 is a key music workstation synthesizer that Ensoniq released in It features a track sequencer , digital effects, and several hundred onboard sounds or patches. This music workstation got rid of some previous classical Ensoniq features, such as polyphonic after-touch replacing it with a mono version and full sound editability. Its concept of usage was also radically different from previous Ensoniq keyboards, such as the TS

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Socketed vs. Unsocketed Chips Pan Potentiometer Knob Both keyboards are virtually identical, and the few differences between them will be specifically addressed. Otherwise, all information in this document pertains to both products.

Rather than diagnose and exchange individual components, you will replace complete modules. We feel that this is the most time and cost effective method of repair, both for you and your customers.

Whenever there is the possibility that a person may harm themselves following instructions or procedures, you will see a warning. Whenever there is a possibility of damage to your test equipment, you will see a caution. Do not receive an electrical shock!

Make sure the MR and MR power supply cord is unplugged before disassembling or reassembfing the MR and MR or opening the case for any reason! There are very sharp edges inside the MR and MR Be careful not to cut yourself when working on an MR and MR Use a ground strap to discharge any static electric charge built up on your body.

Keep them in their static-free packages until needed. Transport or store the expansion boards only in their protective packages. Try to handle the expansion boards by the edges only. Older MR units had both hinges in the same direction, so without the internal retaining cable, it was possible that the lid could fall off the unit when opened. This newer lid design puts the hinges in opposite directions and prevents the lid from falling off when the unit is open.

Therefore, the new hinged lid design does not require the retaining cable. If you are servicing an older hinged-lid MR, verify that the retaining cable is attached and secure.

The hinge fix is irrelevant for the MR Socketed chips allow you to easily change the chips when necessary. If you are working on a unit that has unsocketed chips and a change is available, replace the entire mainboard. Pan Potentiometer Knob When turning an MR or MR upside down for servicing such as when removing screws from the bottom , a disproportionate amount of weight is pressed against the pan potentiometer knob.

The pan potentiometers used in early units were more likely to break due to this uneven weight distribution. Please do not ship an MR, MR, or a replacement disk drive in a box packed with foam peanuts. If you must use foam peanuts, wrap the entire unit in plastic firs. Foam peanuts may cause severe damage to the disk drive or keyboard. The MR and MR writes information to every track on a disk, so it is imperative that the disk be of superior quality.

When a disk is formatted, the MR and MR reads and writes every track on that disk. If the formatting fails, the disk itself may be faulty. Try formatting another disk before determining that the disk drive is faulty. Unlike some computer systems, the MR does not automatically discard bad sectors when formatting. The entire disk must be good for successful formatting.

To Format a Floppy 1. Insert a non-copy-protected, high density 3. Make sure the plastic write-protect tab is in the closed position no light showing through the window , 2.

Press Utilities. Press the flashing green Enter button two times. The disk is now formatting. When the unit is repaired, you can load in the saved all-session file, reinstalling all of the customer's original data.

Insert a formatted floppy disk into the drive. Press Save. The C and Dit keys in each octave move the cursor forward and back on the display the character currently selected for editing is underlined. The G types a blank space. Press the flashing green Enter button. When finished, remove the floppy disk from the drive and store in a safe place. If not, press the arrow buttons until the correct file name is displayed. The session is now being loaded into the MR or MR When finished, remove the floppy disk from the drive and save for future use.

The MR and MR Any O. EPROM chip. If an OS. We suggest requesting the complete catalog of available documents. Document is the current O. Be sure to use a grounding strap when handling the chip to avoid damage from static discharge. A disposable grounding wrist strap is included in this kit.

A grounding wrist strap will discharge to ground any static built up on your body, and prevent you from damaging your scftware chip or your MR or MR Avoid over tightening screws when repairing a unit! When replacing any of the screws, itis possible to over-tighten the screws and strip out a hole. EPROMs must always be justified to pin 1 on the chip and the socket. Looking down on the EPROM or socket, with the notch facing away from you, pin 1 will always be to the left. EPROM chip must always be justified to pin 1 on the chip and the socket.

Save all data to disk see Saving Files to Floppy Disk earlier in this manual. Disconnect all cables from the MR or MR, including the power cable. For the MR, remove 7 screws from the bottom of the unit see figure 3.

The top and bottom of the MR are hinged and open like a book. With the MR, you will need to remove the access cover from the bottom of the unit. Remove the 6 screws and remove the access cover from the bottom of the unit figure 6. Locate the U O. Remove the U O. We recommend using the angled end of a scribe see figure 1 , or a thin-bladed, flathead screwdriver to slowly lift each end of the EPROM until it is free from the socket. Gently wedge the scribe or screwdriver between the black socket and the chip not the green board and the socket , and work it slowly up and down between the chip and the socket, raising the chip a little at one end and then the other, until the chip is free.

Lift the chip out of the MR or MR and set it aside for now. Remember to line up the notch in the socket with the notch in the chip. You can very carefully bend the pins inward slightly by resting the long edge of the chip on flat non-metal surface and tipping the chip while applying pressure gently. Lower the lid on the MR, but do not put the screws in.

Check the O. Turn the unit off. On the MR, install the access cover. For both the MR and the MR, replace all of the serews. Load in any work you saved in step 1. Place the old chip in the black foam and pink bag.


SMMR - MR-61 Service Manual

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EN 12020-1 PDF

Ensoniq MR61

The official corporate site is now combined with Emu. Creative Labs. Some links work in this archive but some don't. Plus there are other tools to download. This page contains information about manuals for the MR from Ensoniq Corporation.


Ensoniq Mr 61 Manual Pdf




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