Manual zz. TIG equipment and torches19 2. TIG equipment19 2. TIG welding torches21 3. MMA equipment and torches29 3.

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Thanks to the good location and attractive offer we are an interesting partner for foreign customers. International business is one of the most important and perspective activities in our organization. Except Direct Export we sell goods through our own six branch offices abroad. We are looking for long term partnerships, which will bring our partners and us satisfaction and good financial results.

The growing number of customers confirms our market success. We have received several awards from Polish economic magazines and business organizations. The biggest advantages of our company are the complex offer, professional and qualified multilingual staff and well developed and organized logistics, which guarantee short delivery time. To meet the highest quality of service, we act accordingly to ISO standards. Thanks to that, we are the most convenient partner for mutual development for many organizations.

Each product from the MOST and GOLD family has been chosen after detailed selection process - starting from market research, design, distribution, pricing and finally marketing. It is our response to customers who look for complex offer, good quality and reasonable prices. That is why we find it as a perfect tool and guide through the whole welding and cutting assortment.

TIG equipment and torches. MMA equipment and torches. Plasma cutting equipment. Welding generators. Welding accessories. Welding gauges. Ceramic backings. Small size and weight make it ideal for repair work, not just for handyman. It is a compact unit in which two-roll wire feeder and power source are located in one cover. The device has excellent welding parameters and a wide range of applications. The wire feeder is dedicated for 5 kg or 1 kg spools, basket spools require an additional adapter.

For welding stainless or carbon steel, recommended diameter of tungsten electrode 1. Assembling: device with earth and electrode cables, wire feeder rollers for 0,,0 mm, and gas nipple. Fanmig i and Fanmig i are equipped with chassis with a shell for gas cylinder, while Fanmig i mobil has cover reduced to the size of large wire feeder. All welding machines have 4-roll wire feeders and are suitable for wire welding that uses 15 kg or 5 kg spools.

After selecting the synergistic mode and appropriate program mode, adjustment in one parameter generates changes in other parameters, which are necessary for proper welding techniques. Two multifunctional knobs to set parameters. Liquid crystal displays show parameters while setting, and welding parameters in operation mode. LED next to display informs which parameter is shown and its units: A, V, or s.

Program Memory buttons allow you to save up to 6 custom programs. Equipment is delivered in cardboard box. Delivery includes power-supply plug CEE 16A , earth cable, gas hose and self-assembly holder for the front panel. Feeder is provided with rolls for steel-wire welding 0,,0 mm. As a result of many tests conducted on selected machines a number of modifications have been made. Upgraded machines are therefore produced under the MOST brand to satisfy both our and customers specific demands.

Machines are designed for welding of carbon, stainless steel and aluminum after retooling the welding torch and feeder. Transformer windings are made of cooper and therefore provide high welding quality. They all have built-in fans for cooling and thermal switches protecting the equipment against overloading. Delivery set includes earth cables and a power-supply cable 3 m. Other lengths of cables are available on request.

We also offer standard welding torches designed for Fanmig machines. Available torch lengths are 3 m, 4 m and 5 m. The device is a modular weld fixture: power source is mounted on the cooler, on which is installed undercarriage.

Separated wire feeder is connected to the standard power source using 5-meter composite cable. Other lengths of intermediate cables are available on request. Fanmig i is designed for industrial welding. The unit can be also used for electro-gouging. TIG DC welding in two options: normal or pulse. TIG arc ignition starts with the grinding of tungsten electrode on material Liftarc. Semi-automatic Fanmig i is a digitally controlled synergic device. After selecting the synergic mode and appropriate program mode, adjustment in one parameter generates changes in other parameters which are necessary for proper welding techniques.

MMA electrode welding can be conducted after selecting the right program, matching electrode types and diameters. In electrode welding, it is important to have device equipped with VRD function turn-off option , which reduces the unloaded open circuit approximately to 20 V due to safety reasons.

Modern and easy to operate. Two knobs for setting the welding current and arc length in the front of the wire feeder. Welding program selection is performed on the modern panel, located in the middle of wire feeder. Liquid cooling system is situated at the bottom of the device, which prevents damage of power and electronic equipment in case of leakage.

Liquid flow sensor, which protects the welding torch in case there is no coolant circulating. The unit is characterized by ergonomic work program. Power source situated in the mandrel enables free rotation of the wire feeder. Short and thin shape of the wire feeder makes it suitable for welding in hard-to-reach places. On the device's side, there is a special shelf-hanger, e. The device is equipped with wheels for easy carrying and transportation.

Assembling: The device is delivered in cardboard box with power source, cooler, trolley, wire feeder, earth cable, and intermediate cable 5 m. Power supply cable provided with 32 CEE plug.

Alloy and process of manufacturing are proprietary. It brings two substantial economic benefits: reduction of number of tips being disposed and minimization of time wasted on tip replacement while welding.

Big advantage is a clear and easy to use modern panel with welding current display. Control panel is designed for quick and intuitional change of parameters with a single knob. No need to remember the sequence of settings for a given function, which greatly simplifies the welding operation.

The knob is designed to set values e. It helps to save energy and significantly of some electronic components and reducing the risk of accidental run of the electric arc. Built-in intelligent ventilation system, which works in case of welding or exceeding specified temperature inside, allows to limit the dust accumulation inside the machine and increases lifetime of rectifiers.

Devices are equipped with self-diagnosis system, which shows error codes on the display, in case of their occurrence. Very modern, ergonomic housing is made of high quality materials. Arc ignition is conducted via HF ionizer or by friction of the tungsten electrode LiftArc. Setting welding parameters is done on the front panel in an intuitive way, values of adjusted parameters are indicated by LC displays and the appropriate LED.

Pulsing current in TIG welding is available in the range of 0. For welding of aluminium with alternative current TIG AC positive and negative component of the welding current are controlled. In tungsten electrode welding, the precise sharpening of an electrode is dependent on its diameter, welding current and current intensity. A sharpened electrode guarantees perfect arc ignition and increases its lifetime.

Equipment is delivered in a suitcase, with tungsten electrode handle and clamps for diameters 1,6; 2,4 and 3,2 mm, and set of spanners for sharpener maintenance.

We also offer stationery sharpener Neutrix 90T Catalogue no. XX - electrode diameter, eg. Plug 3 bolt. Tuchel Solter Plug 2 pin female N Ceramic nozzle 6,5x47 4 Ceramic nozzle 8,0x47 5 Ceramic nozzle 9,5x47 6 Ceramic nozzle 11,0x47 7 Ceramic nozzle 12,5x47 8. Torches are delivered without control plugs. Ceramic nozzle 6,5x47 4 Ceramic nozzle 8,0x47 5 Ceramic nozzle 9,5x47 6 Ceramic nozzle 11,0x47 7 Ceramic nozzle 12,5x47 8 Ceramic nozzle 16,0x47 10 Ceramic nozzle 19,5x47 Ceramic nozzle 6,5x42 lam.

Torches are delivered with control plugs. Ceramic nozzle 6,5x30 4 Ceramic nozzle 8,0x30 5 Ceramic nozzle 9,5x30 6 Ceramic nozzle 11,0x30 7 Ceramic nozzle 12,5x30 8 Ceramic nozzle 16,0x30 Ceramic nozzle 6,5x25,5 4 Ceramic nozzle 8x25,5 6 Ceramic nozzle 9,5x25,5 7 Ceramic nozzle 11x25,5 8. Ceramic nozzle 6,5x42 lam 4 Ceramic nozzle 8,0x42 lam 5 Ceramic nozzle 9,5x42 lam 6 Ceramic nozzle 11,0x42 lam 7 Ceramic nozzle 12,5x42 lam 8 Ceramic nozzle 19,5x42 lam Application of new technologies and modular fixture enabled the weight reduction of rectifier up to 5,0 kg.

To make price more attractive, we disabled additional functions that are not necessary for coated electrode welding.






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