Photograph on the Beach : Life in A Snapshot. In a style reminiscent of Chekovian drama, Carballido takes a long still shot of a large family that comes together for a brief reunion on a beach somewhere in the state of Veracruz. In the span of one day, members of four generations converge in the home of the grandmother, where, like the waves of the gulf, they merge and meld, only to clash and separate anew. The constant entrance, exit, and regrouping of characters soon reveals strong, dangerous undercurrents below the surface of feigned contentment, personal fulfillment, and familial harmony.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Jacqueline E Bixler. Adam N. Like the metal mercury, theatrical translators are capable of absorbing other metals, forming amalgams. The theatrical translator is sprightly, lively, potentially volatile, sometimes inconstant, witty, an ideal guide or conductor on the road. The Mercurian publishes translations of plays and performance pieces from any language into English.

The Mercurian also welcomes theoretical pieces about theatrical translation, rants, manifestos, and position papers pertaining to translation for the theatre, as well as production histories of theatrical translations. For translations of plays or performance pieces, unless the material is in the public domain, please send proof of permission to translate from the playwright or original creator of the piece.

All material published in The Mercurian is protected by international copyright law. Inquiries related to production or reproduction should be directed to the translator of the piece in question.

The Mercurian, Vol. Shakespearean soliloquies are divided into two characters, one who speaks, the other who dances and does acrobatics. Villain in a Turbulent Time is an example of one approach to cross-cultural translation that adapts the work in the source text to the artistic conventions of the target culture in order to better convey the theatricality of the source text.

The Mercurian hopes to publish more translations of contemporary Chinese theatre in the future. The use of literal translations by those not fluent in the source language is a contested issue in the field.

Readers can judge for themselves whether or not Citizen Schippel is, as I believe, a theatrically successful translation. Following that mass shooting photographs of the victim proliferated showing their smiling faces frozen in time. This response to Photograph on the Beach illustrates the power of theatrical translation. A play from a different culture and time can speak to the Virginia Tech community and, perhaps, to the too many other communities that have suffered mass shootings since Soiree deals with the aftermath in Syria of the Arab-Israeli War of In Soiree he uses a play-within-a-play structure, with actors representing both spectators and the Syrian security forces interspersed throughout the audience frequently responding to the events on stage.

As the theatre is nothing without its audience, The Mercurian welcomes your comments, questions, complaints, and critiques. Deadline for submissions for consideration for Volume 5, No. It was premiered at Shanghai Theater Academy, and later attended several international theater festivals, with this translation projected as the subtitle. The play was well received by the audience. This era was characterized by power struggle, sibling murder, and incest, quite similar to the period of Wars of the Roses of Richard III.

Based upon the real history of the three generations of the Shi family during the later Zhao period A. A mainly sings and speaks, and B mainly dances and does acrobatics. It cut repetitive scenes and those characters unrelated with the main plot, such as Elizabeth, Duchess of York, citizens, scrivener, etc.

The lyrics and spoken parts were written as similar to the Shakespearean language style as possible, with the rhymes and meters of Chinese opera. The acrobatic fights in the prologue and epilogue parallel with each other in order to compensate for the lack of fighting in spoken drama. Also, plain language is better for the audience to understand and digest during performance.

So in my translation, I delivered the meaning of each sentence as faithfully as possible, using direct and simple modern English. His works were performed in the US in and and Japan in , where he gave lectures as well.

In the s he wrote scripts of Chinese opera, and since he directed Peking opera plays, which won several prestigious national awards. In , , and , he was honored as an outstanding teacher by the Shanghai municipal government.

When studying at Shanghai Theater Academy, she won student fellowships and an award for her script of Chinese opera, and performed in and directed several spoken dramas and Chinese opera plays. After getting her MA degree in American and English Literature from Beijing University in , she won a prestigious fellowship to study theater arts at University of California, Santa Barbara, where she received her PhD degree in Her research and teaching include theater, dance, film, literature, and cultural studies, and she has published and presented papers in leading international and Chinese journals and conferences.

She has written, directed, and acted in plays and films, and has done lots of translation and interpretation for theater and film studies and productions. It is important for you to ascend the throne early. Ai ……. It barked and yelped louder.

Why did you give me such a disabled shape and useless body? How romantic it is to deal with women! You pretend to be in dream, to spread rumors, and to blow wind from the hell ……. Act One of a wonderful play is going to begin! My husband! This person is dead. It is not worthy to ruin your health.

Please do not use bad words. I understand your grievances at the present. I want to plead guilty to you. Let him leave peacefully. Apart from the deepest hell I have a better place to go. A person like you has a better place to go! You really do not know, what is the root of heinous crimes in imperial palace? You cannot die! I can revenge for my dead husband. I will do it myself! Right now stab a knife into my heart.

Pick up that knife, otherwise raise me up. I must go. Wait until I ask an eminent monk to save the soul of General Zhang Chai and bury him in state funeral. Why did you put shackles on your body? My name harms me. He will usurp the crown and kill his brothers. This prophecy—does it declare me guilty!? You must devote your allegiance to serve our Zhao Kingdom.

It is time for you to go! I like you two very much; go to do it quick; Go, go, hurry. Your heart especially must be like stone and iron. Only fools drop foolish tears. Moral degeneration in our time! Empress reads the decree. Return soon to the capital. Order the express delivery of the order to City Lu. Can I ask for the second issue? You record it. He will inherit my kingdom!

All Best Actors of the Year are yours! Who has the greatest power? Chancellor, is very important. What a pity that this Crown prince is not the descendent of my big brother! How did you reach this conclusion? My altar prophet! So anxious to crown him? Tomorrow is the auspicious day. Where have you been? You dare to rebel?

You wrote my name and date of birth on the wooden puppet. You murdered the prince and scheme rebellion! What do you intend to do?

Assemble the army! Your Majesty!


Emilio Carballido






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