This lesson is especially designed for intermediate to advanced guitar players. Make sure to download the Guitar Pro tabs to learn the licks along with the videos. Sign up now to receive 3 free Blues video lessons from Frank Gambale. Also, make sure to look at his complete course The course is from Beginner to Advanced.

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Wouldn't it be a good idea to create a course? Welcome to Frank Gambale Guitar School. Learn from legendary guitar innovator. Courses for the serious musician. Spicing Up The Blues. Frank's complete take on the Blues from the basics to new and exciting places beyond the traditional. Frank played only Blues for the first 10 years of his guitar playing life.

He has the Blues feel in everything he plays. Let him show you how to play Blues and how to Spice it up. Gambale Sweep Picking. Gambale is the undisputed King of Sweep. That video was the first-ever video on the subject of Sweeping. Target Tones. Gambale shares with you one of the most important improvisational tools he has discovered that he uses constantly.

This one-hourTarget Tones course shows you how to give your improvisations direction and how to target the right note at the right time to focus your improvisations. This is the ONLY theory course you will ever need, he guarantees that. Save yourself years of trying to figure this stuff out, it's here! Gambale throughout his 50 year career has played all styles of music. He also believes that it's important for guitar players to learn more about rhythm guitar. This roughly, 4. A must for every guitarist.

Gambale Song Transcriptions. Exclusive new video performances. Learn Frank's Classic songs note-for-note. Melodies and solos transcribed. Most include a mini video lesson.

Pentatonic Heaven. Pentatonic scales So too does Frank! In this cool course Frank shows you how to use them on ANY chord type. The pentatonic scale is such a chameleon. You'll be amazed that you can use them from the simplest to the most complex chords. This is sooo great! More exciting courses coming soon! Coming soon! In Rhythmic Displacement Frank shares a concept that can be applied not only to single note playing, but also to inspire compositions.

Break away from the tyranny of the downbeat emphasis. Let Frank guide you to elevate your rhythm and time sense to places you never thought possibles. No bundles have been created yet. All rights reserved. Click "Edit Contents" and start uploading your learning material. Select a course first to display its contents. No available contents for. Sign up to! What's your name? What's your e-mail?

Your password? Your phone number? Your address? Your country? Your birthday? Your company name? Your company size? Your Profession? Your website? Your university? Your graduation year? I would like to receive news, tips and tricks, and other promotional material. Start your learning journey. Sign in with your account Forgot your password?

Get a brand new password! Login or sign up to start learning. Enter your brand new password. Enter it below, please. Enter it once more, please. Registro y Pago 1 Registro. Product info. Have a coupon? Invoice details. There are no free , paid or coming soon courses in your school yet.

Why don't you create one? Oops, your school's owner is working hard preparing the courses for you. Oops, you haven't created any courses yet. No blog posts found in your blog.


Spice Up your Blues Playing with Frank Gambale



Sweeps a la Frank Gambale



More exciting courses coming soon!



Guitar Lesson - Frank Gambale sweeping lesson


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