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Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Show full item record. Recent developments in Turkish economy helped founding of new projects. With the help of improvements in accessing of technological possibilities, new projects become more feasible.

Now, Turkey is taking several step to revolutionize its several industries for becoming a well developed country. In Turkey, marine engines and engine control systems are outsourced from several international companies. Although this may be an advantage for transportation sector because of having service and support on all over the world, this is a major drawback for our navy and national security.

Because for naval ships, international support is not an important concern, it is more feasible to develop such systems for naval ships. Because its simplicity, shorter learning curve and graphical user interface development capabilities, LabVIEW has been selected.

LabVIEW has a main difference from several other development environments that it has a built in graphical programming language based on data flow programming paradigm. A virtual instrument has two basic components: Instrument Pane and Block Diagram. Several elements, selected from menus are placed on the instrument pane.

They are visually configured in the development software. They have data inputs and outputs on block diagram. The block diagram has the graphical dataflow program that controls the elements on VI pane. After graphical program creation, it is also possible to compile and deploy the whole VI. But also it requires a runtime library to work.

It supports. There is a property node functionality that enables configuration of anything on the fly inside a block diagram. Colors, texts and any other property of instrument pane elements are configurable with the use of this facility. In our study, we have only worked on the computer environment. Development and usage of an electronic control system is out of the scope of this study. There are several parameters that must be supplied to the user and that must be sourced from the user of the engine management interface.

The interface must be friendy to the user. The human machine interface must be designed well to suit usage requirements. The machine management interface has several visual and functional features. The developed engine management interface has several features. With the stop button, engine is stops. After start, engine reaches the idling speed. With the RPM input, engine slowly accelerate or decelerates to the desired speed.

With the overspeed condition, graphical display enters to an alarming state. It starts to blink red. Then engine shuts down. LabVIEW is a simple, easy to learn programming environment. It makes possible to develop control programs in short durations with hih productivity. For every human made system there is a possiblity of error. The best way to reduce errors is reduction of the requirement of human interaction.

We havent used any hardware for our study. But there are several usage and expansion possibilities for our study. If a proper external hardware is used, it is possible to interface LabVIEW with a real engine on a test bench.

LabVIEW is a useful prototyping tool for control development. But if our concern is developing a proprietary control system, some other programming languages and libraries may be more useful because of the closed source nature of the LabVIEW environment.



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