RLCS and Scopus. The communication of CSR. Analysis of the hotel sector. Abstracts Introduction.

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Hosteltur is a communication group specialised in professional touristic information. Since it publishes printed editions, counting today with more than It has also developed a digital newspaper, focusing its content in publications which look for reflection and knowledge through analysis, interviews and reports.

The interview revolves around the complexity of hospital architecture. Our team CASASOLO explains that we are talking about a type of building with high technical and specific requirements in the areas of evacuation, materials and systems.

That is why today, at a national level, many remodellings or extensions to existing hospitals are carried out, to take the maximum advantage of the existing infrastructure, as we can see in the project of the partial remodelling of the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalona. During the interview, our team also discusses the role of interior design and general design health architecture.

Both go together with the whole building, since from CASASOLO we understand that the constructions include the entire architectural project, integrating functionality and interior and general design of the building. Later, the interview focuses on the requirements at the level of suppliers and in the energy sector. The partner companies we work with, they often have previous experience in the field, although our team is always opened to the use of new materials, since they obey the existing regulations.

At an energetic level, we are very committed by developing ventilated facades systems, solar and photovoltaic panels and water collection systems, as well as applying the Verde certification to our buildings, developed by the GBCe Green Building Council Spain.

This assessment tool ensures improvements in energy efficiency and also includes considerations in the field of health. From CASASOLO we strongly believe in an architecture that prioritizes the user comfort and wellbeing of both patients and optimal working conditions for professionals.

As explained at the end of the interview, our projects are designed valuing the functionality, but without forgetting the design. Blog Post. Our map. Social network. Highlight projects. Necessary Always Enabled.


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This study examines the current situation of tourism intermediation and then makes projections about the future changes that each intermediary will take with respect to its strategic position due to the development of information and communication technologies ICT. Based on the opinion of a panel of experts, managers and researchers in the sector, it is concluded that in the Internet age,it will continue to produce substantial changes in the tourism distribution channel. Particularly,it is considered that although new online intermediaries such as search engines and metasearch engines will dominate the market, classic electronic tourism intermediaries as GDS, still have a role to play. Ayeh, J. Tourism Management, Abou-shouk, M.



Sustainable construction also called ecological can be defined as The one that manages to create places that are environmentally responsible, healthy, fair, equitable and profitable. To achieve sustainable building it is necessary to apply a holistic look to natural, human and economic environments and find solutions that favor the quality of life of all as a whole and be respectful of the environment that surrounds them. The buildings built under the traditional paradigm have generated, and still generate, a great impact on the environment throughout its life cycle, from birth to death. This term, that in English is known as Cradle to Grave from the cradle to the grave is tremendously important, because it allows to have a clear vision about the different impacts that are generated from the manufacture of the materials that will be used in the construction of the Building, going through the energy used during the period of occupation and ending with the waste generated during the reform or demolition phase of the building in question. During the three main phases of a building construction, occupation and dismantling a huge amount of environmental impacts are generated, on the territories, on

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