I hope you will enjoy it just as they did. His condition was so serious that everyone feared he would die. Doctors, young and old, from places far and near, came to cure the king, but failed. One day the king dreamt the he would well again. In my dream a lovely lady appeared, saying over and over again: if you wish to get well, my dear king, let the Adarna bird come here to sing.

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This is a sample Ibong Adarna Script. I used this before in our play. Perhaps, you are a high school student who has a Filipino subject, then you can save this. Most of the time, after discussing this famous literature, our teacher usually ask us to perform or present a play.

The common problem that arises is the need for a scriptwriter. This the reason why I uploaded this file here. Ibong Adarna Script is just a simple dialogue that you can use as your guide in constructing a better script for you play.

I suggest that you read this script first and let your members do the same. It is very important that you know if this script is worthy so that you can better analyze the others important factors that you consider in your play. You think also the props, costumes, make-ups and the backdrop. The three princes are vying for the throne and kingship, and were trained for sword fight and combat.

The most courageous will inherit the throne. Anyway, I hope this file will help you. You can find more helpful files here. Only fill in if you are not human. Advertisement: Hide Show. Related Post. Read Blogs. Ask Questions. Post Learning. Upload Files. Write Articles. Shared Files. View Courses. Submit Course. Login or register to access the course. Join our growing community for FREE!

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Ibong Adarna Script

What was once just required text for high school students is now a treasure hunt by way of Disney. The parts that really move the story forward, anyway, are all there: three princes, two envious brothers, a love story, an elusive, magical bird—all woven into a classic formula where heroes find true love and goodness triumphs over evil. There are remarkable moments of stagecraft, too, achieved by the concerted as well as individual efforts of set designer Joey Mendoza, lighting designer John Batalla and costume designer Tata Tuviera—instances of puppetry and shadow play, swift changes of setting, or nifty bits of choreography by PJ Rebullida that allow the stage and its inhabitants to really come alive. But the whole of Asia has been splattered onstage—and by that, we mean an oftentimes visually stunning aesthetic that tends to be more confusing than unifying, the individual elements standing out as disparate components of stagecraft rather than working toward a harmonized look and feel. An attempt to make sense of it all, therefore, is a dizzying exercise in scouring the continent. The Adarna, alas, is nothing more than a glorified cameo, with four perfectly skilled actresses made to play rooster for majority of their stage time and conclude the show with a bizarre, out-of-place, gospel-inspired finale.


‘The Quest for the Adarna’: Good script, remarkable stagecraft, but . . .



The Adarna Bird - Script


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