It is only the entry level Irex Iliad e-book reader that has perhaps been reviewed the most. What this means is that those on the look out for some insight into the Iliad Electronic Reader DR S are faced with a lack of correct and complete information, and genuine reviews of this otherwise fantastic large format e-reader model. The DRS is dominated by an excellent mm, diagonal, electronic paper like screen with a x pixel resolution, and ppi with 16 levels of Grey scale. Such amazing features bring out crisp, clear text and image reproduction that exactly simulates paper, and delivers a near reproduction of A4 sized documents and E-Books.

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See the latest about a temporary release delay on new titles. Learn more. Since the iLiad has WiFi, I would like it to collect all of the pages linked by a given feed in the morning and then let me read them offline sitting in the park or on a train , like a newspaper.

Unfortunately, this isn't possible. It might have something to do with some Windows software, but I haven't owned a Windows machine for several years, and I don't feel that I should need to install Windows to use a Linux-based device.

The easiest way I've found of getting content to the device is to remove the multimedia card and put it in a reader attached to a computer although this setup has a habit of crashing the device. There is an rsync port, so eventually I'll probably set up an unprivileged account on my laptop and have it rsync with my iLiad. Unfortunately, this option is available only when I'm at home, since the iLiad refuses to connect to ad hoc WiFi networks.

This isn't a huge limitation, since some news outlets have started to provide PDF versions of their content. The Guardian , for example, provides five PDFs per day, and a simple script can grab the latest one. These PDFs render quite nicely on the iLiad, although you lose the color in the images and Hillary Clinton looks really creepy dithered to four shades of gray. Reading books on the device is very nice.

I use the service at Feedbooks. The result is a PDF with no borders on the pages, and each page is exactly the size of the iLiad screen. I've read several books on the device, including The Count of Monte Cristo at almost 2, pages , without any eyestrain or tiredness.

Most of the time the device remembers where you were in a PDF, and goes back there when you reopen it. Sadly, if you let the battery go flat, it loses this information. With no "jump to page" feature, getting back to where you were in a 2,page novel is incredibly difficult. You can click approximately where you were on the progress bar and then skip forward and backward five pages at a time by holding the flip bar, but that arrangement is far from ideal.

One feature I haven't used much is annotations. If you draw on a page with the stylus, the iLiad stores your drawings in a separate file. A friend of mine wrote a simple Mac application that runs the resulting jottings through the OS X handwriting recognition engine Ink and lets you search the results. Unfortunately, most humans have problems reading my handwriting, and it's far beyond the capabilities of a machine.

The community version of the viewer allows you to jump quickly between annotations, which means that you can bookmark pages easily and jump back to them. By David Chisnall Aug 29, Related Resources Store Articles There are currently no related titles. Please check back later. Join Sign In. All rights reserved.


iRex iLiad Book Edition

The iLiad ebook reader, from Dutch company iRex, hopes to slaughter the competition even as it carves a huge hole into your wallet. If you've been holding off on ebook readers because they lack WiFi and the ability to scribble in the margins, you might want to welcome the iLiad inside your gates. Sadly, as the Odyssey reminds us, attractive and innovative mechanical products often hide some problems. You won't be slaughtered in the night by rampaging Achaeans—certainly good news—but you will have contend with some issues.


iRex iLiad

The Book Edition is the third-generation in the iLiad line, and has been out of stock on the iRex website for some time. As the name would imply, this device is designed more for reading ebooks than the business-oriented Digital Reader series. You can use the MyScripts Note software to digitize written notes, but otherwise it's main purpose is that of an ebook reader. It supports 16 levels of gray scale, and uses the same electronic paper technology as other ereaders. The exact dimensions of this unit are x x 16 mm 8. The iLiad's main selling point is the touchscreen with an integrated Wacom sensor board, which gives the device a notepad-like feature.

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