Donny Donowitz and Private Omar do not machine gun Hitler. There are a number of differences between the script and the film of Inglourious Bastards. This article will summarize the differences and assess the reasons why some elements of the final draft are not in the film. It took Tarantino over a decade to complete the final draft of Inglourious Bastards.

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Posted by: Admin February 14, in Scripts Leave a comment. The farm consists of a house, small barn, and twelve cows spread about. The young lady runs to the water pump by the house. She picks up a basin, and begins pumping, after a few pumps, water comes out splashing into the basin. The French Farmer sits down on the stump he was previously chopping away at, pulls a handkerchief from his pocket, wipes sweat from off his face, and waits for the Nazi convoy to arrive.

After living for a year with the sword of Damocles suspended over his head, this may very well be the end. Julie finishes filling the water basin, and places it on the window sill. Julie walks inside the farm house and closes the door behind her.

As her father stands up from his stump, and moves over to the window sill with the water basin…. He takes a towel off a nail, and wipes the excess water from his face and chest, as he watches the two motorcycles, the one automobile, and the four representatives of the National Socialist Party come to a halt on his property. The Nazi officer climbs out of the back the vehicle, carrying in his left hand n d.

The S. Colonel crosses the distance between them with long strides, and says in French with a smile on his face;. The Frenchman takes the German hand in his and shakes it. COL to enter. Removing his grey S. Col Landa is immediately greeted with the sight of the Farmers wife, and three pretty daughters standing together in the kitchen, smiling in his direction.

The Farmer enters behind him, closing the door. He kisses her hand, then continues without letting go of his hostess hand…. Colonel says;. Your wife is a beautiful woman. His eyes leave the mother, and move to the three daughters. Please have a seat. The Farmer offers The S. Colonel a seat at the families wooden dinner table. The Nazi officer excepts the French Farmers offer, and lowers himself into the chair.

Placing his grey S. The Farmer perfect host turns to his Wife and says;. This being a dairy farm one would be safe in assuming you have milk? The mother of three, takes a craft of milk out of the ice box, and pours a tall glass of the fresh white liquid for The Colonel.

The Women remain standing. Col Landa leans forward, and says to the Farmer in a low tone of. The Colonel and I need to have a few words. The Two Men are alone, at the farmers dinner table, in the Farmers humble home. To continue to speak it so inadequately, would only serve to embarrass me. This being your house, I ask your permission to switch to English, for the remainder of the conversation?

I have no way of knowing if you are familiar with who I am. Are you aware of my existence? The Farmer answers;. Colonel smiles. The Germans looked through my house nine months ago for hiding Jews, and found nothing. Most of it being a complete waste of time, but needs to be done nevertheless. I just have A few questions Monsieur LaPadite, if you can assist me with answers, my department can close the file on your family. Taking his black leather attache case, and placing it on the table, he takes out a folder from inside.

He also extracts a expensive black fountain pen from his uniform front pocket. Opening the folder, and referring to it;. Looking up from his papers. He sits back down at the table with his Nazi guest. As The Farmer loads the bowel of his pipe with tobacco, sets a match to it, and begins slowly puffing, making it red hot, the S. Colonel studies the papers in front of him.

Somewhere in the last year it would appear they have vanished. Facts can be so misleading, where rumors, true or false are often reveling. The Farmerlooks at Landa. The Farmer puffs thoughtfully on his pipe. This family has done the only thing they could, hidden from a occupying army that wishes to exterminate them. Colonel takes in this answer, seems to except it, then moves to the next question. The father, Jacob…. Be begins gathering up his papers, and putting them back into his ttache case.

Farmer stands up, goes over to the ice box, and takes out the aft of milk. Now I understand your trepidation in repeating it. Before he was assassinated, Heydrich apparently hated the moniker the good people of Prague bestowed on him. Now if one were to determine what attribute the German people share with a beast, it would be the cunning and predatory instinct of a hawk.

But, if one were to determine what attributes the jews share with a beast, it would be that of the rat. Now the Fuhrer and Gobbles propaganda have said pretty much the same thing. Consider for a moment, the world a rat lives in. If a rat were to scamper through your front door right now, would you greet it with hostility?

Rats were the cause of the bubonic plague, but that was some time ago. In all your born days, has a rat ever caused you to be sick a day in your life? I purpose to you, any disease a rat could spread, a squirrel could equally carry. If a rat were to scamper through your door, this very minute, would you offer it a saucer of your delicious milk?

All you know is, you find them repulsive. Yet, not only does he survive, he thrives. And the reason for this, is because our little foe has a instinct for survival and presavation second to none. And that Monsieur, is what a jew shares with a rat. Consequently, a German soldier, conducts a search of a house suspected of hiding jews.

Where does the hawk look? He looks in the barn, he looks in the attic, he looks in the cellar — he looks everywhere, he would hide. But there are many places it would never occur to a hawk to hide. However the reason the Fuhrer brought me off my Alps in Austria, and placed me in French cow country today, is because it does occur to me.

Changing tone May I smoke my pipe as well? The Jew Hunter, removes both a pipe and a bag of tobacco fixings. A the Nazi Colonel, busies himself with his smoking life, he ontinues to hold court at the Frenchmans table.

These citizens are not enemies of the state. They are simply confused people, trying to make some sense out of the madness war creates. These citizens do not need punishing. They simply need to be reminded of their duty in war time. In this war, you have found yourself in the middle of a conflict that has nothing to do with yourself, your lovely ladies, or your cows — yet, here you are.

So Monsieur LaPadite, let me purpose a question. In this time of war, what is your number one duty? Is it to fight the Germans in the name of France to your last breath? Or, is it to harass the occupying army to the best of your ability? Or, is it to protect the poor unfortunate victims of warfare who can not protect themselfs? Or, is your number one duty in this time of bloodshed, to protect those very beautiful women who constitute your family? The Colonel lets the last statement stand. In this time of war, What do you consider your number one duty?

That is unless, you have something to tell me that will make the conducting of a search unnecessary. PAUSE I might add also, that any information that makes the preforming of My duty easier, will not be met with punishment. Actually quite the contrary, it will be met with reward. And that reward will be, your family will cease to be harassed in anyway, by the German military during the rest of our occupation of your country.


We’ve Got Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’ Script

Posted by: Admin February 14, in Scripts Leave a comment. The farm consists of a house, small barn, and twelve cows spread about. The young lady runs to the water pump by the house. She picks up a basin, and begins pumping, after a few pumps, water comes out splashing into the basin.


“Inglourious Bastards” - The Script vs. The Film

Photo: Getty Images. The script is pages long and follows a squad of American soldiers called the Bastards — a guerrillalike force who travel behind German lines in , striking terror into the hearts of Nazi soldiers. In a parallel story, Inglorious Bastards follows a French Jewish teenager named Shosanna who survives the massacre of her family and flees to Paris, where she winds up running a movie house during the Nazi occupation. Both the Bastards and Shosanna launch plots intending to end the war a little earlier than anyone expected. Chapter Two: Inglorious Basterds.


Inglourious Basterds (2009)



The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)


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