Ironclaw is a role-playing game by Sanguine founded on a dice comparison system and created with furries in mind. There are a total of 12 initial species , although players are encouraged to create their own. During the character creation process, the players are given 20 points with which to develop their character. The player starts by choosing a species which may cost some character creation points and career.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ironclaw 2nd edition - thoughts? When I was in the process of logging on last night I saw this on the homepage:. Fewer Skills, more Gifts. Everything else is a Gift. Lower starting abilities. You now start with 2d8, 3d6, and d4. You only start with 13 Marks to put in Skills, with a maximum of 3 Marks in any one Skill.

If that bothers your group, check out the Variant Rules for ideas on starting with more power. Flat Costs. Skill Marks cost 4 experience, all Gifts cost 10 experience. All Gifts have the same cost, but many have requirements. Everyone starts the game with the same number of Gifts and Skill Marks.

Bonuses and Penalties are more dice. A bonus for you is another die to roll. A penalty for you is a bonus die to the other side. No more bumping up die sizes, no more re-rolls. Exhaustions and Refreshes. Some Gifts grant abilities you can use any time you want.

Other Gifts must be Exhausted, and then you must Refresh them before you can use any of their abilities again. Faster Combat. Characters take their turns in the most logical order, and everyone gets two actions to decide what to do. Recovering from Reeling is one action, so getting hit only makes you lose half your turn, not your whole turn. The standard melee defense is now the Counter-Attack: two combatants dice off, the winner hits the loser … so something happens to somebody.

Your attack roll is also your damage roll. Each weapon adds bonus damage to that. You still roll Soak dice, but now you count 4s or better as -1 point of damage, each. Hit points have been replaced with status effects; being damaged can not only injure or kill, it can demoralize a combatant so they can't attack, which may end a fight. All Magic is handled by Gifts. There are no more Magic Points.

Many magic spells are weapons that are readied, thrown, then readied again. You can exchange marks and Gifts for experience points, to change your character. I'm debating with myself whether to get it but I'm pretty skeptical about the changes bordering on outright hostile.

But I'd love to see someone explain it in more detail too. Morrius New member Banned. It's a lot more streamlined. If you've seen Sanguine's Usagi Yojimbo then this is very similar. I like it myself. It feels to me like there is less dice inflation and minutiae to keep track of. Morrius said:. Maybe streamlined isn't the best word Maybe more consistent instead? The spread of initial dice for your stats is now d4, d6, d6, d6, d8, d8 rather than Bonuses and penalties give extra dice to you or the opposing side, usually a d All the cool stuff you can do, from starting with more expensive gear to combat maneuvers to spells, is accomplished with Gifts.

Think of them as feats. There's also only one initiative sweep, no more Striking Fast or Striking Sure crap. Mostlyjoe is plotting your doom. Validated User. Kilgs Grand Poombah Validated User. I loved the old system. I'll likely get 2nd edition someday but FFG, Evil Hat and Cubicle 7 are currently in a vicious pit-fight with staplers for the next year of my gaming funds.

Steve Dubya said:. I can't say that I'm real happy to see the damage folded into the attack roll; that's one of my reasons for disliking the nWoD system.

Claudius Registered User Validated User. Marius B said:. I've ordered my physical copy, but it's waiting on the next print run. I have gotten to skim through a friend's copy and The Gift system looks easy to expand on, and it kind of unifies spells, atavisms and everything else under a single if more complicated system.

The skills are now nicely compressed, possibly overly so. For example, you no longer have separate Spear and Sword skills Dice pools look like they'll be a little smaller- stats max out at a single d12, although special Gifts may give you extra stat dice under certain circumstances.

Magic points are gone, so mages look like they'll now be able to throw unlimited numbers of spells You get 2 actions per turn, so you can reasonably do a "I recharge and then cast" maneuver, which helps keep you from idling too much. The spells and abilities have been seriously reorganized; it looks like some old classics like binding elementals into weapons to make magic weapons may be gone now or moved to some special section I haven't seen yet. Cons: some of the new art is too cartoony for my taste and the editing is The index, for example, was off by exactly 1 page in several places.

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Ironclaw 2nd edition - thoughts?

The award winning, critically-acclaimed game is back! Experience Ironclaw's rich and detailed world of Calabria, where dozens of species live together in sprawling cities and war-torn countryside. Kings broker for power with clergy, wizards, and merchants, each one struggling to conquer all they survey. Meanwhile, beneath the notice of the squabbling powers, lurk greedy robbers, cruel slavers, and dark necromancers who prey on the weak, the helpless, and the forgotten. It is a time for mighty warriors, for quick rogues, for clever wizards - a time for heroes!


Ironclaw takes place in the continent of Calabria, the majority of the lands controlled by the Great Noble Houses:. Apart from the Great Noble Houses and their vassals, two other forces lay claim to territories in Calabria:. The players take the role of adventurers plucked from the new middle class. They have esoteric skills and abilities above the common unskilled laborers, and have access to expensive equipment.

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