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X The updated version is freely available at This version of the text might be out of date. And on that occasion Ven. Girimananda was diseased, in pain, severely ill. Then Ven. Now at that time, the Venerable Girimananda was afflicted with a disease, was suffering therefrom, and was gravely ill.

Thereupon the Venerable Ananda approached the Buddha and having saluted him sat beside him. So seated the Venerable Ananda said this to the Blessed One: "Bhante Venerable Sir, the Venerable Girimananda is afflicted with disease, is suffering therefrom, and is gravely ill. It were well, bhante, if the Blessed One would visit the Venerable Girimananda out of compassion for him.

Contemplation of impermanence. Contemplation of anatta absence of a permanent self or soul. Contemplation of foulness asubha. Contemplation of disadvantage danger. Contemplation of abandonment. Contemplation of detachment. Contemplation of cessation. Contemplation of distaste for the whole world. Contemplation of impermanence of all component things. Mindfulness of in-breathing and out-breathing. Thus he dwells contemplating impermanence in these five aggregates.

This, Ananda, is called contemplation of anatta. Herein, Ananda, a monk contemplates this body upward from the soles of the feet, downward from the top of the hair, enclosed in skin, as being full of many impurities. In this body there are head-hairs, body-hairs, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bones, marrow, kidneys, heart, liver, pleura, spleen, lungs, intestines, intestinal tract, stomach, feces, bile, phlegm, pus, blood, sweat, fat, tears, grease, saliva, nasal mucous, synovium oil lubricating the joints , and urine.

Thus he dwells contemplating foulness in this body. This, Ananda, is called contemplation of foulness. This Ananda, is called contemplation of disadvantage danger. Herein, Ananda, a monk does not tolerate a thought of sensual desire that has arisen in him, dispels it, makes an end of it, and annihilates it.

He does not tolerate a thought of ill-will that has arisen in him, but abandons, dispels it, makes an end of it, and annihilates it. He does not tolerate a thought of cruelty that has arisen in him but abandons it, dispels it, makes an end of it, and annihilates it. He does not tolerate evil, unprofitable states that arise in him from time to time, but abandons them, dispels them, makes an end of them, and annihilates them.

This, Ananda, is called contemplation of abandonment. Herein, Ananda, a monk by abandoning any concern and clinging to this world, by abandoning mental prejudices, wrong beliefs, and latent tendencies concerning this world, by not grasping them, but by giving them up, becomes detached.

This, Ananda, Is called contemplation of distaste for the whole world. Herein, Ananda, a monk is wearied, humiliated, and disgusted with all conditioned things. This, Ananda, is called contemplation of impermanence of all component things. Herein, Ananda, a monk having gone to the forest, or to the foot of a tree, or to a lonely place, sits down, having folded his legs crosswise, keeping the body erect, and his mindfulness alive, mindful he breathes in, mindful he breathes out.

If, Ananda, you visit the monk Girimananda and recite to him these ten contemplations, then that monk, Girimananda, having heard them, will be immediately cured of his affliction. When the Venerable Girimananda had heard them, his affliction was immediately cured. He recovered from that affliction, and thus disappeared the affliction of the Venerable Girimananda. Note Sabba-kaya.

Literally, "the whole breath body. You may copy, reformat, reprint, republish, and redistribute this work in any medium whatsoever, provided that: 1 you only make such copies, etc. Otherwise, all rights reserved. Documents linked from this page may be subject to other restrictions.

Overnight Pirith ceremony held at our residence on 03 Nov. It is around 7 hours long and good to listen it overnight. Your browser does not support the audio element. The recording quality is poor, but I tried my best to filter it and make it of better quality.

From the age of about two, before he could read or write , he spontaneously started to chant the ancient Buddhist scriptures in the original pali language , known only to a few scholar monks. On the Poya or lunar Observance day, he would sometimes chant for two hours. AN And on that occasion Ven. Ananda went to the Blessed One and, on arrival, having bowed down to him, sat to one side.

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