The Monogatari Japanese anime television series is based on the light novel series of the same name, written by Nisio Isin with illustrations by Vofan. The series debuted with Bakemonogatari and aired 12 episodes between July 3 and September 25, , on the Tokyo MX television station. Three additional original net animation episodes were distributed on the anime's official website between November 3, , and June 25, A sequel titled Nisemonogatari aired 11 episodes between January 7 and March 17,

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The Monogatari Japanese anime television series is based on the light novel series of the same name, written by Nisio Isin with illustrations by Vofan. The series debuted with Bakemonogatari and aired 12 episodes between July 3 and September 25, , on the Tokyo MX television station. Three additional original net animation episodes were distributed on the anime's official website between November 3, , and June 25, A sequel titled Nisemonogatari aired 11 episodes between January 7 and March 17, Six further sequels were later adapted under the common moniker of Monogatari Series Second Season : Nekomonogatari White , Kabukimonogatari , Otorimonogatari , Onimonogatari , and Koimonogatari aired between July 6 and December 28, , [Note 2] [1] whereas Hanamonogatari , which was originally meant to air with the others in , was postponed and eventually broadcast separately on August 16, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Later he asks Tsubasa Hanekawa, the class chairman, about her; he finds that she was sick and contemplates if that is actually the case. As he is leaving, Hitagi confronts him, as she threatens him she explains that a crab took her weight. When he agrees to keep quiet about her secret, she staples the inside of his mouth and proceeds to leave. Koyomi follows her and tells her that he may be able to help, to stop Hitagi attacking him he shows her that the wound in his mouth, inflicted a few minutes previous, had already healed.

Earlier Hitagi was told to wash and change her clothes by Meme Oshino, who arranges for all of them to meet at midnight. Back at Hitagi's home, Koyomi argues with Hitagi while she gets dressed in front of him.

Later that evening they meet Oshino, he explains that they are not going to attack the crab god but instead pray to it. They go before an altar, Oshino instructs her to relax, he then asks her a series of questions. His final question results in Hitagi retelling about how her mother joined a cult when Hitagi was sick, and that one night her mother brought a higher up, from the cult, home.

Hitagi injured him as he attempted to sexually assault her, her mother watching without aiding her. As a result her family was broken apart; Hitagi feels that she is responsible. She opens her eyes to find a crab facing her. Koyomi and Oshino are unable to see the glowing yellow eyed, red word-bound form of the giant crab.

When Hitagi is then attacked by crab god, Oshino is forced to intervene - this allows her to beg the crab for her feeling and memories - and they are returned. Hitagi now has her memories and feeling of her mother back, and even though she has forever lost her mother, she admits to be glad to have become Koyomi's friend.

In the morning Koyomi finds that his weight has been increased as a result of the crab god's mistake. On Mother's Day Koyomi sits in the center of a vast playground, reminiscing about his family, and his mountain bike. He sees a young, lost girl, Mayoi Hachikuji, whom he does not know, who later leaves. She wants to pay him back for helping her, but he declines all her proposals. Later Koyomi spots the lost girl looking at the map again, leaving Hitagi behind he goes over to her to see if he can help her.

After she refuses his help, and later ignores him, Koyomi surprises her by hitting her head into the sign. During a hostile exchange Mayoi introduces herself. They get into a brawl, ending with Koyomi as the winner. Koyomi proceeds to get aid from Hitagi, who used to live in the area, about helping Mayoi find her way.

Mayoi mentions that she is actually a lost snail, but drops the subject immediately. Miki Yoshikawa. After talking with Mayoi, Koyomi discovers that the young girl is trying to get to her mother's house. However, as he, Mayoi, and Hitagi try to make their way to the address, they keep getting inexplicably lost.

Assuming Mayoi has fallen victim to an apparition, Koyomi decides to send Hitagi off to find Oshino while he stays behind with Mayoi. Mayoi mentions that she has always been trying to get to her mother's house, but can never seem to get there.

She and Koyomi get into an argument and briefly fight. Tsubasa then arrives, saying that she was passing by. She asks Koyomi about his relationship with Hitagi, but he isn't able to give her a definite answer.

After Tsubasa leaves, Koyomi receives a call from Oshino, who says that he has given Hitagi instructions on how to solve Mayoi's problem. While waiting for Hitagi to arrive, Koyomi begins to find out more about Mayoi's life. She is the only child of a couple that had undergone a bitter divorce. Mayoi was put under the custody of her father, and had any contact with her mother deliberately cut off to the point where Mayoi could barely recognize the face of her mother.

Hitagi then arrives and apologizes to Koyomi. She reveals that Mayoi does not exist, as she is actually dead. As a ghost, a lost snail, she can only be seen by those who have a subconscious desire not to return home, and is meant to waylay people who do not really want to arrive at their destinations. As a result, Hitagi could not see Mayoi and didn't say anything because she feared that she might be "different" again. The information Oshino provides - as a ghost Mayoi cannot adapt to changes that occurred after her death, thus she cannot lead them astray if they only use roads built thereafter - helps them find Mayoi's mother's house, but it is a vacant lot.

However, Mayoi is happy and disappears, saying she's finally home. Afterwards, Hitagi admits that she is in love with Koyomi, and she is deeply intrigued by his desire to help anyone in need.

Koyomi responds to her feelings with the precondition that they would not hide things from each other. At the end of the episode, Koyomi runs into Mayoi again, who states that she has been "promoted" from a lost soul to a wandering spirit and that she'd like to visit Koyomi from time to time. Koyomi needs to study for upcoming exams and is on his way to Hitagi's house for help. On the way there, Mayoi teases him about his one-on-one "study" session. Suruga Kanbaru, an underclassman, meets him as she is running, and she voices her admiration for him.

Koyomi tries to get her to leave, however he is unable to until Hitagi is mentioned, at which point Suruga runs off. At the study session with Hitagi, the two discuss their future after high school, but things quickly deteriorate when Koyomi mentions Suruga.

Hitagi and Suruga were friends in middle school and Suruga may have even had a crush on her, but they had a falling-out in high school. After studying, Koyomi calls Tsubasa for more details about them, but she warns him to mind his relationship with Hitagi and not to dig too deeply into her past too quickly. On his way to Oshino to drop Hitagi's payment off, Koyomi is viciously attacked by a person wearing a raincoat.

During the fight he sees that the assailant has bandages dangling from its left arm. Koyomi is left bruised and bleeding on railroad tracks. Hitagi finds him lying there and tells him that he had forgotten the payment that he was supposed to be delivering. Hitagi says she believes that Koyomi was hit by a car.

He says he stumbled, which she seems to accept. Koyomi goes to Suruga's house, and finds that her room is filled with red books. She apologizes for beating him up the previous night. Koyomi asks about her unnatural strength, and she reveals that she literally has a monkey's paw. She also bluntly states that she is a lesbian, which is hard for Koyomi to swallow. Koyomi then takes Suruga to visit Oshino for help, where he determines that the arm is actually a lesser devil's, since a monkey's paw doesn't attach itself to its owner.

As such, the arm will take Suruga's soul once three wishes are fulfilled.



It centers around Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student who survives a vampire attack and finds himself helping girls involved with a variety of apparitions, deities, ghosts, beasts, spirits, and other supernatural phenomena. Shaft has animated the Monogatari series multiple times since The first season of the anime adaptation consists of 30 episodes, which were broadcast in Japan between July and December The second season consists of 28 episodes broadcast between July and December , and the third and final season consists of 42 episodes broadcast between December and June A prequel anime film trilogy, Kizumonogatari , was released in and A manga series illustrated by Oh!


Kabukimonogatari : Dandy Tale

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