Kobena Mercer is a British writer and academic whose research interests are focused on the modern and contemporary art of the Black diaspora. Examining the work of Afro-American, Caribbean and Black British artists with critical methods from cultural studies, Mercer explores the issues of race, sexuality and identity in transnational contexts. His first book Welcome to the Jungle: New Positions in Black Cultural Studies investigated new forms of cultural expression in black film, photography and visual art, documenting fresh perspectives arising from the overlapping of Asian, African and Caribbean cultures that constitute Black Britain. Born in London, Mercer was educated in both Ghana and England.

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Author: Kobena Mercer. Mercer's essays offer a welcome contrast to art-historical scholarship aimed at the specialist, and also to criticism on the contemporary arts of the African and Asian diasporas. Beautifully marrying theoretical framings through psychoanalysis, sociology, and cultural studies with close readings of specific artists and objects, Mercer offers amazing materialist definitions of diaspora that readers will be mining for years to come. Featuring thematic accounts as well as essays on individual artists and exhibitions from across the globe, this volume represents a vital contribution to aesthetic discourse from a compelling writer whose journeys and reflections over the last two decades have become models of critical engagement.

Mercer's persistent challenge to an equation of the diasporic histories of these artists with any semblance of identity or identity politics is a soaring accomplishment. Bk Cover Image Full. Sign In. Search Cart. Search for:. Book Pages: Illustrations: color illustrations Published: April Paperback Cloth. Availability: In stock. Add to cart. Open Access. Request a desk or exam copy. Table of Contents Back to Top. Rights Back to Top. Awards Back to Top. Additional Information Back to Top.

Publicity material Bk Cover Image Full. Also Viewed. Staying with the Trouble. Cruel Optimism. Vibrant Matter. The Queer Art of Failure. In the Wake. The Black Shoals. Living a Feminist Life. Meeting the Universe Halfway. Black Queer Studies.

While over the past decade a number of scholars have done significant work on questions of black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered identities, this Collective Creative Actions. How to Make Art at the End of the World. In recent years, the rise of research-creation—a scholarly activity that considers art practices as research methods in their own right—has In Necropolitics Achille Mbembe, a leader in the new wave of francophone critical theory, theorizes the genealogy of the contemporary world, a world plagued


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The first thematic and cross-cultural overview of the experiences of migration and displacement that characterize so much of twentieth-century art. Migration, whether freely chosen or forcibly imposed, has been a defining feature of twentieth-century modernity—and much of twentieth-century art. Whether manifested in the striking architectural innovations of Nigerian modernism in the s or postmodern works by Jean-Michel Basquiat and black British filmmakers in the s, the multidirectional appropriation and borrowing described in these essays give us new perspectives on twentieth-century art and modernity. A cross-cultural perspective on the aesthetics and politics of pop art.


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