Scaricando un libro gratuitamente dal nostro sito Web, confermi di non utilizzare i materiali delle versioni elettroniche dei libri per scopi commerciali. The garden of Eden, an earthly paradise, the afterlife of the Pharaohs, the fountain of youth- According to the author, the world is full of myths about the gift of immortality, ancestral memory of a place from which access was gained to orbiting spacecraft-or even the planet of origin-of extraterrestrials who settled the land in anti-diluviana era. The reconstruction of the adventures of those who, from Gilgamesh to Ponce de Leon, departed in search of immortality. Download gratuito di e-book in formato fb2, epub, txt, mobi. Biblioteca elettronica. Qui puoi scaricare un libro gratuito Le astronavi del sinai o leggere online.

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Thanks to this extraordinary technique, as we know, today we can admire the mummies of pharaohs, so intact after so many millennia. But this ritual is still a mystery for at least a couple of reasons: first, the exact procedure is still unknown. Second, it is an enigma how after being embalmed the body could make a journey; these parts, so, in the eyes of scholars, come right back to be myth. Zecharia Sitchin focuses on the possibility that the entwined serpents, and even more shamelessly the hieroglyph of dual twisted helix that often appears, refer to the DNA , and the evidences he adduced in this regard are irrefutable.

And this because of the fact that the Egyptians knew it was the Ka, the double of the deceased, to make the journey after the embalming.

Unfortunately the distinguished Sitchin died before the studies could make the essential steps they made in the last five years. Thanks to these new discoveries, we can now expand his theory. Then she gave birth to her son, Horus. The embalming, thus, plays a crucial role for this double to travel to the resurrection, which logically would not make sense, if Ka were a spiritual double.

At this point we can ask ourselves: is the meaning of Ka hiding the key to the riddle? If Ka were meant to be a double, but not intended as a spirit as it was in the common sense of the term, but rather understood as what is double , like the DNA , which forms just in a double helix?

This double arm, then, probably symbolizes the union of the two genetic arms, the two strands of DNA from father and mother. If we review the iconographic story of Isis, Osiris and Horus in the light of these new acquisitions, it is clear that, in fact, even in this myth the embalming ritual did not have the intention to resurrect a dead body.

The purpose was logically to use his Ka to rebirth in a new body with the same genetic characteristics. In fact, the eye symbol indicates both Osiris as Horus ,. In this review we could take a look at what remains of the sunken cities of Thonis Heracleion and nearby Canopus, which had gone missing for countless centuries. In these cities it was particularly active the cult of Osiris, and have come to light thousands of objects related to the annual processions in honor of the myth.

Among these objects, now present at the museums of Cairo and Alexandria, we only mention two: the first is a statue definition of prof. At the same time it was built a new statue the Osiris Sokar. Really impressive. And also useful, as it helps us explaining the big misunderstanding that often stumbles when we read the myth, which is always told in different forms: according to somebody, Isis resurrected Osiris, as it is written; yet the latter is always shown as a corpse, so others think he did not revive, but managed to impregnate Isis with Horus.

This despite being dead and without genitals. A new birth of an old DNA , not the resurrection of the body deprived of internal organs. We realize that a statement of this magnitude is hard to swallow, but that it is just what we are told.

We need to put the final piece for the rehabilitation of the myth at the level of history: do we know whether embalming could really preserve the DNA, or was this really just a popular belief?

The answer was given in , on the occasion of the first DNA test ever carried out on the royal mummies. And we now know that it was not accidental, but intentional. I wonder if anyone has succeeded in convincing Neteru to restore them to life. It seems plausible for the kings and queens to belong to a different genetic strain because of their dolichocephaly: this gene was not present in the rest of the population.

Certainly, with regard to sealed sarcophagi found in the graves, it is clear that they were prepared for a trip that was never completed. Whether this happened, it will happen or not, we leave this reflection as an object of a possible theory of conspiracies. But on a purely scientific level, in the end, what matters most is that today we can do justice to the history that we have handed.

A story of a knowledge so advanced as to be too embarrassing to accept, although we are now in possession of the technology necessary to understand it. Perhaps, this desire to always be the first ones in history will end when everyone will be going for a ride to the Tutankhamen treasure, and will see that we have not even invented the folding chaise longue. Rusconi, p. Boris de Rachewiltz ; prefazione del prof.

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Le astronavi del Sinai. Le cronache terrestri


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