Maxsurf training helps the candidates in understanding the ethics of 3D models. The course facilitates to increase intelligence on the software to greatly increase ease of use, establish a communication and coordination between different team along with delivering a better and flawless design grid. Maxsurf Certification Training enhances the insight of the candidates and make them visualize complex configurations. After completing this Maxsurf Certification Training, the candidates would be able to:. This course is ideal for the individuals, who wish to develop their understanding of using the Maxsurf Modeler intelligence to build the design grids, managing structural analysis and dealing team communication and coordination.

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Learning Maxsurf. Maxsurf Program. Maxsurf is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. The license for use is granted.

Copying of the program to other media is permitted for back-up purposes as long as all copies remain in the possession of the purchaser. Maxsurf Training Manual. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form or by any means, without the written permission of Formation Design Systems.

Formation Design Systems reserves the right to revise this publication from time to time and to make changes to the contents without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes. No Formation Design Systems distributor, or agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warrant. Table of Contents. Chapter 1 Maxsurf Help. Opening the Manual. Finding a Topic.

Other Resources. Chapter 2 Starting Maxsurf. Opening a Design. Opening a Design - Concepts. Opening a Design — Video. Opening a Design — Procedures - File Open. Opening a Design — Procedures - Double Click. Opening a Design — Procedures — Drag and Drop. Closing a Maxsurf Design. Chapter 3 User Interface. Maxsurf Windows. Working in Different Windows Layouts. Window Layouts - Concepts. Windows Layout — Video. Windows Layout — Procedures.

Switching Between Windows. Switching between windows — Concepts. Switching between windows — Procedures. Assembly Pane. Assembly Window — Video. Properties Pane. Working in the Perspective Window. Working in the Perspective Window — Concepts. Working in the Perspective Window — Video.

Working in the Perspective Window — Procedures. Displaying Contours. Displaying Contours — Concepts. Displaying Contours — Video. Displaying Contours — Procedures.

Working in the Body Plan window. Working in the Body Plan Window — Concepts. Working in the Body Plan window — Video. Working in the Body Plan window — Procedures - Introduction. Zoom, Shrink and Pan. Zoom, Shrink and Pan — Concepts. Zoom, Shrink and Pan — Video. Zoom, Shrink and Pan — Procedures - Zooming. Zoom, Shrink and Pan — Procedures - Shrinking. Zoom, Shrink and Pan — Procedures - Panning. Measuring Coordinates in Maxsurf. Measuring Coordinates in Maxsurf - Concepts.

Measuring Coordinates in Maxsurf — Video. Measuring Coordinates in Maxsurf — Procedures. Using the mouse in Maxsurf. Right Mouse. Using the Mouse Wheel. Surface Stiffness. Surface Stiffness — Concepts. Surface Stiffness — Video. Surface Stiffness — Procedures — 2D Curve. Surface Stiffness — Procedures — 3D Surface. Surface Precision.

Surface precision - Concepts. Surface precision - Procedures. Chapter 5 Designing in Maxsurf. The required hull shape. The purpose of the surface model and surface type.

Starting a Design from Scratch. Starting a Design. Starting a Design — Concepts. Starting a Design — Video. Starting a Design — Procedures — New Design.

Starting a Design — Procedures — Adding a Surface. Starting a Design — Procedures - Units. Starting a Design — Procedures — Sizing Surfaces. Starting a Design — Procedures — Saving. Design Preparation. Design Preparation — Concepts. Design Preparation — Video. Design Preparation — Procedures — Surface Properties. Design Preparation — Procedures — Frame of Reference. Design Preparation — Procedures - Grid. Modelling Corners and Edges. Modelling Corners and Edges — Concepts.

Modelling Corners and Edges — Video. Modelling Internal Control Points. Modelling Internal Control Points — Concepts. Modelling Internal Control Points — Video. Modifying an Existing Design.

Exploring Sample Designs Directory. Simple modifications. Simple modifications — Concepts. Simple Modifications — Video. Simple Modifications — Procedures - Resizing. Simple Modifications — Procedures — Parametric Transformations.

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Learning Max Surf

The technology has been used for more than 30 years on thousands of vessels worldwide, providing naval architects with a complete range of software tools for all phases of the design process. MAXSURF includes tools for hull modelling, stability, motions and resistance prediction, structural modelling, structural analysis, and export to vessel detailing. MAXSURF software applications operate from a single parametric 3D model that facilitates smooth communication and coordination between different team members and design activities. All MAXSURF modules share a consistent Microsoft Windows graphical interface which reduces training time, greatly increases ease of use, and helps designers and builders visualise complex configurations. Some of these include:. All programs in the MAXSURF suite work from a single design file, streamlining the design process by removing the need to create geometry files in different formats for downstream analysis programs.


MIST Maxsurf Training Day-1

Discussion in ' Software ' started by manupascas , Apr 21, Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. Maxsurf tutorail or classes Discussion in ' Software ' started by manupascas , Apr 21, Hello, I need to use maxsurf for a project and In don't have any idea. Please, could someone recommend a good tutorial about maxsurf program?


Maxsurf Certification Training

Use of different menu and toolbar Getting started and view different aspects of an existing model. Why Maxsurf? User Friendly- Fast to learn and easy to master graphical interface Model complex hull geometry with trimmed surfaces Match required hull parameters using parametric transformation Availability Compatibility. About Maxsurf Maxsurf is a powerful three-dimensional surface modeling system Maxsurf's multiple surface capabilities Highly accurate output is produced in the form of hull lines, transfer files for other programs. Maxsurf Module Maxsurf for hull modeling Hydromax for initial stability and hydrostatics Hull Speed for resistance Prefit for fitting of existing designs from offsets Hydrolink for Data exchange with analysis systems Seakeeper Motions Prediction strip theory Workshop Plate Development, stringer, frame and deck definition. Basic Principle Hulls, appendages and superstructures are defined in Maxsurf using one or more surfaces.


MaxSurf Online Training

Learning Maxsurf. Maxsurf Program. Maxsurf is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. The license for use is granted.

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