This research was conducted to improve understanding of how winter temperatures affect mortality of overwintering adult L. We exposed field-collected adult L. We classified L. Temperatures cold enough to affect substantial mortality of overwintering L. Whole aggregation destructive sampling from a pomegranate hedgerow in Fresno County was conducted to determine population dynamics. By early to mid-winter, mean aggregation size decreased, consisting of only three to 12 late-instars and adults.

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Two yellowish spots on the forward part of the pronotum are distinctive. Also has a zigzagging white band across the wings like some other species. Expansions of the hind tibiae are also much larger and more jagged than most other species. Highly polyphagous 5. First appeared in LA in and became the dominant coreid species in Satsuma oranges by 1. Clickable Guide. Range so.

University of Florida: Featured Creatures. Livermore L. Coreoidea species file online. Version 5. Henry, Richard C. Brill Academic Publishers. Heteroptera of concern to southern U. Brambila J. Heteroptera of economic importance Schaefer C. Bugguide is hosted by: Printer Friendly Version.

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Citron bug, L. Leaf-footed bug, L. Leaf-footed plant bug, L. Western leaf-footed bug, L. Fourth instars develop yellow and black markings, and the fifth instar is dark brown to black. The genus Leptoglossus is polyphagous and attacks many weeds as well as economically-important crops.


Citrus Pests

Leptoglossus zonatus is a species of leaf-footed bug , a type of true bugs. The bug is two centimeters in length, gray in color, with a zigzagging whitish band across its back and two distinctive yellowish spots on its anterior pronotum , the identifying characteristic for the species. This leaf-footed bug is one of the two major pests of physic nut plants in Nicaragua. Biological pest control agents found to be effective against this insect include the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana.

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