General Description. Extremely high accu-. It is packaged in a hermetic TO Gain is programmable with one external. Power supply operating. Input bias current.

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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Microcomputers and Laboratory Instrumentation.

Front Matter Pages i-xi. Pages The Basics of Laboratory Signals. The Elements of Analog Signal Handling. The Elements of Digital Signal Handling. The Modern Microcomputer. The PC Family. Interfacing Microcomputers with Laboratory Signals. Parallel Standard Interface Systems.

System Design and Case Study. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction The invention of the microcomputer in the mids and its subsequent low-cost proliferation has opened up a new world for the laboratory scientist. Tedious data collection can now be automated relatively cheaply and with an enormous increase in reliability. New techniques of measurement are accessible with the "intelligent" instrumentation made possible by these programmable devices, and the ease of use of even standard measurement techniques may be improved by the data processing capabilities of the humblest micro.

The latest items of commercial laboratory instrumentation are invariably "computer controlled", although this is more likely to mean that a microprocessor is involved than that a versatile microcomputer is provided along with the instrument.

It is clear that all scientists of the future will need some knowledge of computers, if only to aid them in mastering the button pushing associated with gleaming new instruments. However, to be able to exploit this newly accessible computing power to the full the practising laboratory scientist must gain sufficient understanding to utilise the communication channels between apparatus on the laboratory bench and program within the computer.

Laboratory MSI bandwidth communication computer control data processing high voltage instruments iron noise processor programming language tables transducer. Malcolme-Lawes 1 1. Buy options.


1976_National_Special_Functions_Databook 1976 National Special Functions Databook



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