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Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Clanbook Tzimisce Revised. Date uploaded May 31, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

Vampire - The Masquerade - Encyclopaedia Vampirica. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Publishing, Inc. All nights reserved Rupreduction without the vnitten permission of te puls- lher is exprosly forbidden, except for the pumpees of vie, and on blank character ests, which may be tepto saved for personal use only, White Wolf, Varypire, Vaeapire the Masquerade; Vampire the Dark Ages, Mage the Ascen- son Hiuntertiie Reckoning, World of Darkness and Aberrant ine reyhtered trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Ine.

All rights re werved All characters, names, plices and text herein ute hy White Wolf Publishing, Ine The mention ofswr reference ta an coment or product in hese pages is not challenge to the trademark ar copyright Thy book uses the supernatural for settings, charactets and themes. Aus of colt lp ee tank, alg wt fae Ne Di Se anche eee ri ft pl of stomach yay fis ol Prono eng wi i lea wanefall Some prt nsrinet tina hake Wi stu cream pe Dario ne hes want th ey yas a une chr ech il lr sai thecal hyo of fn sal ad tegithe ce aioe sein ay Da kay ey mae ashe yp ne of Blot gro ia pet les pealehael fais all nomttapee tier spa ina ero Cy Dienst hing hen exec wea rf tne ne Tod tr eaper fn erat ha so theca Alea dsr Wears nigh oy hel fist Diino tase the Ctr jes he ui of thi oer ch, rg tae eet hie Ft ola noise ics es Yn.

Spebeo eigen Latad tree ih a teraaGttte erg etme Dare ial 10 Re any Fie wi Gk TR poner as fs, ply sabre Fish laPch continues tame, ok bra ti Fates sora sn ft rity sory ten fromssionis Dero satenen etch ype teal al sia up we sl ithe che ede a Wise Hoa ro cs tal prying im fe ok Theses a pert Slings ; FE et Coe nated nt a on Be reg rpg en sso cd wher ning sl.

These Tsitmisceundersteod howtosubduetherr Beasts tosuch. Wher questionid, soxne: Tunisce relate the story of Luther Wexler diahisnst who metan uneriable Final Dearh. A yeur after Wexler carsumed the soul of his sie, Je bragged about the deseuction cf his sire to his pack white they share bloods Befone dhe bow! The specters met in the fire and became flesh, chen ran off inesthe nigh Thesurvivor wh spread ehe account wa suppasealy 1 Hledling who fad yee co partake cf the Vauldeme wth hhernew pack.

Strong scniisean linger after the Final Dean, and some wane. At the timeof the rhind spothe Teimixce must haves specific quality in mind, but the quality seldai, manifests unless the circumstances of the relatives: ship, and perhaps the blond sharing iself, could logically remle inte intended pnernic. One success mdieates a vague feeling that occa- sionally influences the thrall. This context lasts mri! On a horehy the egnant.

Tzimisce who eschew Vicissitude almest never diablerize Cainites with the discasefor fear ofcontamination, Osher Timisce protective oftheir eges, recoil atthe thought of another canly dwelling inside thou, afluencing chee thoughts Fetishes asile, most Tzimisce prefer remaining a weaker bhuc selimade Cainite co becoming someone's mighty puppet.

Thisisnocrosay duutTeimisce never practices. Others actually res the ide ofecomaing eter praons for the souls of their enemies. Do these actually mean anything? The Lasomnbrs keep th sect what tshould view. Without tie qanal Tamisce, the entire Sabie would be x ing, monstrous horde. Mare w, aya The Rite: Manyof the Sabbar'sntae have theiroriginsiry Tembee practices A cenmony dit vise in ournightsol relevance toconfirm new voivedes, forinstmee, inspired what is now the Blood Bach.

When i new watade annexed a demesry, thosesaf ar dependerit upon the Blood whoexisted in thar jens — Cisne sevens atl preernable ais sttendedaccvonation. Thenew kndsabeforealangehowland ech of his subjects approached him, aresed that he wat the undispured ruler, then fillesithe how] with as much ofherown. The nuled tUcaten the nulet Although she assemble!

This was thetoleof the Ancient tel? He sec the stand that all succeeding Vorvodes must meet: In the modern nights, this sandard is nerpresed as anadvanced understanding of both Koldunic Sorcery anda Path of Enlightenment. Few Cainites follow thePaths of Zlightermient, aud oldies akmoscunheard of outside our lineage — way then do we demand such unconventional prerequisites!

I Rave ewe ha Yoral sa Feds, petha he fis kon Ircculd be thar he knew hist woul dwindle as the wedd aged and esublshed precedent tht cur clan would need inthe nal Nigh, Then agai could be that other Votodes merely seek to prove 10 theit followers that they elke the venerable Yorak. Many Temises from the Ole! World regarded frenzy as base, uncouth, anienal-like. Although peshays nly five Cainites were involved i the dispute, those few were the eldest of Mexico City, cabal char can still blackbal any potencal Voiede,evenifthereannolongse seat ene on their own, The preference for a Viiv ro follow i Path of Enlighterumert was proposed by the New World contingent — an effort to.

Ir is, therefore, a rare act for a Cainite. Thecurrent Vowvale may be the las, Her name is little known within the clan almost unhead of within the lager sect. Fler voice does nat earry beyond Mexico City. And che is none of aldsauison, If the Ancient still exists, itis surely dissaristied. Nodoubichisnewschstessesyen: Atleast he ships still exist — they ber the duties once expected of our aul ead, suye bec thes satu earned het than ordained. These are the wisest not necessarily oldest members of the elan — in the Final Nights, they min the most eanversin in the kine of the Taimisce antl, well an dick prowess bane, proven Th theydeserve their title—before a Fiendean beconsidered agian, he must firse master the zu form.

At lease one of the ancient ways still endures, Methuselah. Most Tzimisce who elaim the title enfoice domain.

The Cardinals ofthe Land Beyond the Fores hesitate to mike mimy demandson thisuneasy relationship but the Sabbat can rely on occasional assistmce from the Old Clan, niculaly in Romain — that is what the world nove calls your homebnd,old one.

Perhaps because their founder instructed them not to abandon theit can, Ynermad thw cn neinse alma sume ancien onde bey the clan Voiuadeor enacted by several influential ekiers, seemingly forthe sole purpose of being contrary, but th seems unlikely, They voice this opposition through th eancinwesd involvement in the Sabha.

The Children of the Dricon produce legcns of remplars and claim a few European bishoprics. His ee t: deonv male rnuxkety oftheir purlomned hentage The Children of the Dracon omgnise themselves muh like 1 monastic onder, with "Scions" establishing ranmasteriee made up primarily af theie own broods, The monasteries cvorlinate ther aervites through the Hagia Sonia, Dracon Vatican of sons semexhere around the Moliterrnean, The scholarly wing of this order, the Akoimemi, ir drawn almort exclusively fom branch of the Ohemes revenant family, hough eis family produces Some knightsas wel, Trimisce not descended froma scion ane rarely alowed ta jin, and ever those who do ane rok wer graced fll indore ing of the meaning of the 12 legacies thar this sectowithin-a-ect abides.

The they tun diese tery of ongin 9 be Emfsiced: the sities an Aknimeta, he ic cramusted werh ce vole from the Libary of the Forgotten, Ia knight he ischapgad to cary a eter in an, envelope be i fork to ope scaled with the muck of Draco hinvel, sone other Fn elsewhere inthe work Confined in he ceder hu new Chileof the Dracon dope to etublish himself within Sabbae society.

Sotie clucired Tsimisce may recognise the titles Keeper of the Faith and the Gesadisa, chaugh more obscure tite exist ss ell, My own knowledge fal bere, as well; L have no iden whar dunes or benefitsthe Keeper ofthe Faith or the wun perform or enpoy. L will explain this liter. The bloed is usilly conse before the stroke of midnight. Relatives who haven't seen, each other since che last convention share the Valerie Nocmertainunent excluded, ifitstrikes the hosts fancy Exenifnorevenantsare inducted through the foundation one year, various members hest ut least ewoor three such, gatherngs to maintain ties with the oranizarin, Juut before morning, the new chider se Embraced While they are drunk, exhausted any, quite Hey, weak from loss of blood.

Hfthey do noe leave with they sires the next night, the fledglings ar assigned to a sponsor, member ofthe foundaricn who's probably no more than, 2 few years deal herself Because the Medplings ace of revert blood, theyprobablyunderstand quite hit mote about undeath than cheironce-mertal pects. I they are to bemstructel hyanconiate,oniy-tormerreverant wil do. Allhyough these spensoxs can teach their stuletts Jhow to deal with the undead condition, they give their charges something far mote valuable: an introduction te the society of the Damned.

The sponsors show theirstudlents the best areas to feed and the locations where significaryt tae take place. The foundation requiresa degree of publicity, sine snetaey of Cin ene Temchiarof their families orof the families that supposedly vanished or 10 fonger serve the Taimisce. The ante 18 for the sike of so eel Morals who see their chssifed adverrisements fo "or find therright page inthe book of the In can ptition for membership.

They must submie their fori trees J The ccbolane affiliated with lation scour these ulbmisionsforany relatives to child bearing an Anglicied oame sox! Her ood may be too watery for her to be considered a maybe not Regardless, the Tzimisce blood no doutt makes her an exceptional mortal, IF he isetmecianally disturbed in seme way, given to fits af cor indulging in the torture of cats, perhaps.

Most archi pines infesting thei cites fhext dove. They consider feeding the uct fof an animal. Since youre, mow Tsimisce hive ated ther can unlitestyle, rather than a family to appease, Tzimisce havea reputation as thls, inhuman devians Because pire to be just that, not fecasse we bear some com vith cur Frothers As suck, more of the ear dent of the Sabbar than we like to admit, eines al acknowledge no authority but their own, Groups of Trimisce descended from one ances: to ke daceyerataking Oradea ue, soca ony with the stme few relatives.

Most; like the Old Clan, give lip service 1 the Sabhat and go about their business aout eg tnaeet Some n Even though many Biendsare independent ew asso- state with the Camarilla.

While most of ws are tholden toourdwindline humanity the ser'cemplenis co iumanitas does notsuttus, Truth be told; oldlone, moat CCainites aretoo proud to acknowledge that we hide from, tals: abuse tir iastirurions in the gentlest ways and do not harm our fellows lest our cities become disotlerly.

Every Cainite must do these things io survive for lng, but mont Trimisce would be embarrassed to-admit i. He was an impatient, biter corpse sahosne the Jyhad in everything. Now that i istime to discuss the other lineages of Cane, quite from my fonilaneremsenbcaries ofeny cwiee-doad fher he rants — rendered a best 1 car remeber therm.

Assanares Do not speak to me of the Assassins! Oh, hewthey fright myheart with theirlechiferousstares! Are they Camires ar all? Why suffer them at all! Pechaps you are an Assamice childe? The Beast tues dhe wuedly, A clan in need of discipline, these Brutes. Atthe Pala Grande am often disposed tolecgure the young. Ganonet Tic you know these dows come in two breeds! Ah, but you flattet me, No, cannot claim the eredic for this hiturco- tion — that belongs to another of our ine. But you asked me what [think of them, and the answer is "litle Yet, would saffer a.

You are inesperienced with them! Well, do nor make my mutake — when upping with a Lazarene. Did we not fring our eldess law? Did we not shatter the bloxal tond? Who do youthink, conceived he packs? Way, we cxengaverteely four sorcery that any Tre Sanbaermight know the vitae! And ftom the shadows, they stole the throne onwhich we should ngheiully sit. Butwe areaclanof lords. Why, then, ace we content to play advisors?


Vampiro La Mascarada - Novela Del Clan Tzimisce

A sourcebook for GMs running the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG, this gives information on a clan, including character templates and the powers of the clan. RPG Item Rank: Vampire: The Masquerade Storyteller. Horror Supernatural. Demon: The Fallen Storyteller.


Clanbook Tzimisce Revised






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