Author: Unknown at vineri, iulie 17, 0 comments. De ce lucrezi in week-end? De ce citesti tot timpul? Doua intrebari pe care le-am auzit destul de des. Week-end-ul a fost inventat pentru oamenii saraci, sau cei care se multumesc cu cat li se ofera.

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Author: Unknown at vineri, iulie 17, 0 comments. De ce lucrezi in week-end? De ce citesti tot timpul? Doua intrebari pe care le-am auzit destul de des. Week-end-ul a fost inventat pentru oamenii saraci, sau cei care se multumesc cu cat li se ofera. Fiecare sfarsit de saptamana le mentine iluzia libertatii. Restul timpului nu le apartine. Restul timpului e al celor bogati, al celor cu adevarat muncitori, al creatorilor. Al celor care inteleg ca spiritul nu are odihna sambata si duminica.

Al celor care profita de ultimele 2 zile din saptamana ca sa devina mai buni, sa se instruiasca, sa produca ceva in plus decat ceilalti, al celor care muncind mai mult se detaseaza de masa, care isi depasesc conditia pt. Acestia isi pot lua liber in orice alta zi a saptamanii, pentru ca lucreaza pe cont propriu si nu trebuie sa ceara voie nimanui pentru a trai parti din viata lor.

Ei isi aleg zilele libere, pe cand toti ceilalti aleg zilele care li s-au dat. Iluzia ca in week-end trebuie sa te odihnesti, sa te relaxezi, e oarecum falsa. Sa te odihnesti si sa te relaxezi pentru ce?

Ca de luni sa te intorci la a lucra pentru altii? Sunt oameni care inteleg ca daca au un vis, un scop, o pasiune, trebuie sa munceasca fara oprire. Oameni care nu isi impart zilele in 8 ore de lucru, 8 de familie si 8 de somn. Pentru ei zilele, lunile, anii, nu au granite artificiale.

Timpul are valoare doar in masura in care implineste ceea ce ti-ai propus, in masura in care contribuie la dezvoltarea ta ca persoana, in masura in care creeaza mecanismul care te face sa ai o viata peste medie.

Lucrez in week-end pentru ca imi place. Pentru ca atunci e liniste. Pentru ca ceilalti nu lucreaza, nu citesc, nu devin o varianta mai buna a ceea ce ar putea fi. Pentru ca se distreaza in loc sa se dezvolte. Ei stagneaza, iar eu cresc. Citesc pentru ca imi place.

Pentru ca cititul adauga experientei mele experiente noi, pentru ca citind castig din timpul altora, invat din cateva pagini ceva ce altora le-a luat luni sau ani sa descopere. Poate ca eu gresesc, dar ceea ce fac imi da un sentiment de forta si de implinire.

As putea sa dorm, sa ies, sa ma uit la filme. As putea sa fac lucruri care sa ma relaxeze si sa imi consume timpul intrun mod lejer si placut. Dar la capatul lor voi fi cu adevarat mai implinit? Mai fericit? Eu nu. Tu poate da.

Nu vreau sa te judec, daca nici tu nu o sa mai imi spui cu atata repros ca lucrez prea mult, chiar si in week-end. Munca e doar ceea ce faci pentru altii. Ceea ce faci pentru tine e pasiune. Iar oamenii isi traiesc pasiunea chiar daca e week-end. It is no coincidence that your eyes have happened to stumble upon this letter. The universe has collaborated to create this moment, the feelings, and the revelations that will arise within you. You are meant to be where you are at this moment reading the words that follow.

Contained within you is a wealth of gifts that you are meant to share. Know that you are far better than you have ever given yourself credit for. The script that you write within your mind does not compare to how extraordinary you really are. Too often, you see a false version of yourself that does not resemble the truth. You are not ordinary; you are a gift to this world. You were not meant to blend in; you are meant to shine. From now on, believe in your unique talents and allow them to flow from within you.

When this happens, the world will become a more beautiful place because of you. It is magnificent in every imaginable way. Your skin tells a beautiful story that you should not hide. Every mark, scar and divit reveals a deep truth about you, where you have been, and who you are.

Your body is the eclectic story of you and no detail is a mistake. Too often, when you look at your reflection, words wander within your mind that scribe untruths, and scar your soul. You are not flawed, you are perfectly beautiful. No other being appears the way you do and you are meant to hold your head high because of this. From now on, know deep within you that you are beautiful and exude pride because of that.

When this happens, the world will become a more extraordinary place because of you. Within your mind and soul, you have all of the answers you have ever needed. Know that regardless of how lost you sometimes may feel — this feeling is never real. In truth, it is an illusion that arises when you measure your path to another.

You know your way, where you are going, and why you are here. Too often, you feel uncertain and look beyond yourself for solidity. Hear the words around you, but listen to the ones within you. Your mind is gifted and you are intuitive. Nobody else in the world has guidance for your journey because your path is yours to pave. You are not meant to wander their words; your steps are meant to mirror your soul. Each movement is an extension of your wisdom. From now on, know that caged within you is all of the wisdom you ever need.

Allow the walls to fall and listen with trust. When this happens, the world will be a more magical than ever before because of you. All of the positive experiences in your life have appeared because you are deserving of them.

No, it is not luck. When you exude joy, this is what has been drawn in your life. Too often, you do not give yourself credit.

You are far more magnetic and deserving than you know. Every wonderful person, every smile, and all of those happy memories have happened because you are worthy. I need you to know that you deserve more than you are allowing to shape in your world right now. You deserve happiness in all facets of your life. The road is not meant to be rocky. You are worthy of your dreams coming true.

From now on, know that greatness will happen to you in innumerable ways and it is because you are worthy. When this happens, the world will smile brighter because of you. With Gratitude, Rob Jacq Huh? Thank you? Semne care va arata ca sunteti Lucrator cu Lumina Author: Unknown Filed Under: spiritualitate at vineri, ianuarie 09, 0 comments. Sarbatori fericite, tuturor! Teama Author: Unknown Filed Under: personal at joi, decembrie 11, 0 comments.

Tu treci Author: Unknown Filed Under: personal at joi, decembrie 11, 0 comments. Intrebare Author: Unknown Filed Under: personal at joi, decembrie 11, 0 comments. Draga mama, te iubesc! Author: Unknown Filed Under: personal at vineri, decembrie 05, 0 comments. Iubita mea Iar ma cuprinde disperarea si dorul asta mistuitor Am umplut casa cu pozele tale, dar ele nu-mi vorbesc, nu ma imbratiseaza, nu-mi spun "te iubesc, fetita mea frumoasa"..

Astazi, mai mult ca oricand as vrea sa fiu cu tine, sa ma alinti, sa ma dezmeierzi, sa imi faci codite, sa imi pui rochita de papusica, sa imi canti, sa imi citesti si sa-ti citesc din "Muc cel Mic" prima mea carte pe care ti-o citeam la cinci ani, sa desenam impreuna, sa facem tort impreuna Mai tii minte cand ne pupaceam? Mai tii minte cand te miroseam si tu imi spunea ca parca sunt un catelus si eu iti ziceam pufoasa si ma cufundam adanc in bratele tale sa-ti simt mirosul tau de inger, de mami?

Miroseai a smirna, a tamaie, a nectar, a puritate, adevar si curatenie sufleteasca.


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