Introduction …………………………… Getting to know your device … Resetting the device ………….. Requirements for your PC ………………………. Getting Started ……………………………….

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Introduction …………………………… Getting to know your device … Resetting the device ………….. Requirements for your PC ………………………. Getting Started ………………………………. Configure the router advanced settings ……………….. Call Function ……………………… Troubleshooting … It can also be used to connect viaother methods such as ADSL modems and can beconfigured to provide automatic fail-over in case oflost connection. To avoid interference problems, do not placethe device in the immediate proximity of otherelectrical equipment such as a microwaveovens or hi-fi systems.

The use of other accessories maycause damage to the product and will void theguarantee. Itmay contain small parts which could causeinjury if used as a toy. Never usecleaning agents or solvents. NOTE: This product is guaranteed for a period of 12calendar months from the date of purchase asindicated on your till slip. Keep your till slip in a safeplace as it will be required for guarantee repairs. It ishowever not guaranteed against damage caused bymisuse, riot damage, lightning or power surgedamage, damage caused by using the unit forpurposes other than which it was intended.

Resetting the deviceIf you wish to clear your settings from this router, youcan reset it to the factory default settings. You canalso regain access to your router if you forget theadministrator password or wireless network key byperforming a default reset. How to resetPress and hold the reset button underneath the unitfor 2 seconds using a suitable tool.

Requirements for your PC1. Getting Started5. What follows is a summary of the configuration for thetwo methods. See section 5. ADSL modem or other Ethernet device mode9. Steps: 1 Insert the battery or connect the power adaptor.

Remove the back cover and the battery if alreadyfitted. Insert the SIM card. Ensure that the contact areaon the card is facing down and that the beveledcorner on the card is facing the beveled cornermarking on the holder. Remove the back cover if already fitted. Align the battery contacts with the batterycompartment connectors, and insert the battery.

Replace the back cover. Insert the power line cord from the adaptor into thesocket at the back of the unit. Plug the power adaptorinto a conveniently located power socket. Wireless connection modeFor notebook and any other wireless device, you canuse this connection mode if you do not wish toconnect using an Ethernet cable. An example from a Windows deviceis shown below. By default, this unit has a unique WPA Key.

Thiskey is found on a label under the router. To browse the internet after connecting, make surethat your SIM with Internet access enabled hasbeen properly installed in the SIM slot of the router,or that you have connected to an alternativerouter via the WAN port. If youmodify it at any stage, you will need to enter therouters new IP address here instead. For more complex configurationsee section 6.

It is must not exceed 32 characters. You can change this to a morepersonal wireless name if you wish. Note: After any modification, the Wi-Fi connection willautomatically disconnect.

Since this key is unique toyour router there is no need to change it. Youmay however wish to change your key tomake it easier to remember or to improve If you wish to change the Wi-Fisecurity type, you can also do so on this page. Should you require a different setting for some reason,you are able to set up a customized connection. It is recommended that youmodify your login details for improved security. This connection type requires you to insert aSIM card. If you select this account, the APN,Dial Number, User name, password and Auth neednot to be modified unless you specifically requireanother setting.

If you select Automatic, the router will access theInternet automatically at anytime when you power iton. It may take a few minutes for the connection to beestablished. If you select Manual , the internet connection can beestablished by pressing the Manual Connect key. It will then assign IP address to clientsconnecting to the router. Youcan also reserve certain static IP addresses for predefinedclients using the Statically Assigned fields.

The static route is a predetermined path that networkinformation must use to reach a specific host ornetwork. The minimum settings are preconfigured, butyou can add routes as needed. Note: Don't change any of these settings if you do notknow exactly what you are doing. You willthen need to return to this page to configure thefailover conditions.

You will then need to assignwhich is the primary and which is the secondarylink. Link Priority Setting: These fields will allow youto select the parameters of when the fail-over willhappen. Check Interval Time determines howoften the router will check to confirm that the A smaller number ofminutes selected will increase the speed at whichthe router selects the secondary link, but sincethe check is an active one, it will also increase theamount of Internet data that is used by thisprocess.

You will need to carefully select an IPaddress that should always be available toconfirm the connection. Users will not be able to see it, but willstill be able to connect if they know the correctSSID.

Frequency Channel : Select the appropriatechannel for your network from the list. You can selecteither a channel number from the list or the autooption. The default channel is channel 6. Note:If you do not understand the implications, please donot change the contents, particularly of the HTPhysical Mode section.

These settings are best left at the defaultvalues unless you fully understand the implications ofany changes. Thisoption is not recommended. WEP Keys You can enter up to 4 differentkeys. The key that is used as default will bedependent on your selection under DefaultKey. Keys format:a. Hex: enter a key of 10 or 26 characters.

ASCII: enter a key of 5 or 13 characters. This will allow theaccess point to retain backwardscompatibility while not sacrificing security fornever devices. For modesPass Phrase: input at least 8 characters.

Key Renewal Interval: Set key renewal time,from 0 sec. Note: In order to obtain better compatibility, pleaseuse the same type of product for connection. It will then create a WDS connection with itautomatically. Thisprovides a simple method of connecting a wirelessdevice to the routers WIFi connection.

After you enable WPS, you can set the relevantparameter according to your requirements. FirewallNote: No changes should be made to Firewallsettings without a thorough understanding of theimplications. The DMZ function allows for the forwardingof all otherwise unallocated ports to a particular IPaddress on you network. This function should be usedwith care.

There are a few tools that can be used torestrict internet access to certain websites. You are StorageThe storage pages are used to configure yourrouter to act as an FTP server. Thedefault user is admin and the default password isalso admin. This admin user will be able toaccess the root of the USB drive that has beenconnected. You are able to configure other useraccounts for your FTP server, but each user willhave limited access by default.

For instance, sayyou created user someuser. The admin account will be able to load filesfor someuser into this folder. Account: Input the new login account. Password: Input the new login password. Ifany firmware updates are available for this router, youwill find them on our websitewww. After firmware upgrade, the router will rebootautomatically. Please select the correct firmware file; otherwiseThe router will not function correctly.


Get the default administrator password for your router. (D-Link / DSL-2640T)

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Page 3 WAN Info Page 5: Front Panel View A solid light indicates a connection to an wireless is operational.


D-Link 54m Wireless 4 Port ADSL 2/2+ Router DSL-G624t DSL-2640b

Under Construction! This page is currently under construction. You can edit the article to help completing it. Set up your Internet connection, configure wireless, configure USB port, etc.

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