Silambam is a weapon-based Indian martial art originating in modern-day Tamil Nadu in the Indian subcontinent and is estimated to have originated in approximately BCE. Oral folklore traces Silambam back several thousand years to the siddhar enlightened sage Agastya. While on his way to Vellimalai , Agastya discussed Hindu philosophy with an old man he met, said to be the god Murugan in disguise. The old man taught him of kundalini yoga and how to focus prana through the body's nadi channels. Agastya practiced this method of meditation and eventually compiled three texts on palm leaves based on the god's teachings.

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Silambam is known as a weapon-based martial art preferably using bamboo staffs as weapon, with its length being customized depending on the height of the practitioners originated from India, specifically from Tamil Naidu region in the Indian subcontinent. Nowadays, as demonstrations on Silambam for local cultural events and shows have been increased across timeline, we are proud to speak that Malaysia has provided Silambam a stable and great platform in becoming the most popular and widely practiced Indian martial art in our country.

This martial art is divided into different stages, but our main focus on practicing Silambam 1st stage is meant to allow practitioners especially beginners to build foundation for the body to be capable in fighting and prepare the body in an optimum state for the training itself. This includes to improve the practitioners' agility, speed, flexibility, balance, strength hand-eye coordination, kinaesthetic awareness, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular stamina.

In this workshop, you will get to learn self-defense techniques using the stick rattan which is the basic for all other weapons and stick spinning techniques as a form of demonstrational art. Experience the use of the whole body to coordinate with the mind and soul to conceive and give birth to a unique form of art. A fee of RM will be charged for any groups with less than 6 participants. For groups larger than 6 pax, shuttle services subjected to availability.

For price inquiries, please contact the host. Already have an account? Log in. Don't have an account? Sign Up. Forgot password? Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll email you a link to reset your password. Back to Login. Athimahendran I speak English, Malay. Main activities:. Extra conditions:. Silambam in 6 Hours AM - Meet at Silambam Training Centre AM - Basic stick spinning skills outdoor PM - Lunch Break PM - Basic combat stick fencing Every training session will include 3 hours of basic stick spinning skills and 3 hours of combat stick fencing This includes basic stances, attacks and defense techniques.

Training will be held both indoor and outdoor. Participants are advised to bring their training shoes along. All equipment required for the training session will be provided by the host.

Outfit Recommendations Sports attire and training shoes. Poor weather plan All outdoor activities will be conducted indoor. RM Booking details.

Upcoming availability. Total MYR 0. Book now. Silambam Stick. Certificate of Completion. You may also like. Sarawak, Malaysia Handweave your own songket heirloom!

From RM 2, Sign Up Email address. First Name. Last Name. Confirm Password. Login to continue Email address. Remember password. Reset password Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll email you a link to reset your password. Email address. Personalize my request No of Pax. Start Time Total Budget. Tell us more about your ideal itinerary.

Request Sent Thank you! Ask Adi Send a message to find out more about this experiences.


Silambam Training in Hyderabad

For whom do you require the training? Individual Educational institution Private group Corporate Select student type What are your preferred timings? What are your preferred timings? Optional Enter additional information By submitting the request, you accept our Terms of use and Privacy policy. Which martial art do you want to learn?

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Silambam Training in Chennai

Prev Next. Silambam is a form of martial art involving the act of fencing using a long staff. The kaaladi footwork involved in silambam is intricate and considered key to mastering the martial art form. It is only when the footwork is grasped before the masters are willing to teach the kuttu varisai bare hands movement and staff movements to amateur silambam practitioners.


Which martial art do you want to learn? For whom do you require the training? Individual Educational institution Private group Corporate. What are your preferred timings? Weekdays mornings Weekdays evenings Weekends.

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