Class D amplifiers are used specifically for bass thanks to the study of very small size high power switching circuit can. Features Class D amplifier circuit for high power bass sound pretty cheap, size, weight, etc.. Thyristors and triacs are very universal electronic tester. Hex code and eagle crafted with PCBs schema files are. Audio recording circuit in addition to the Board upon a few passive pic16fa microcontroller circuit is able to record onto sd card component was established to stop, play, record, pause, there are functions in addition to the audio input in the leg 2 pic16fa preamp with the microphone can be connected.

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It offers a large amount of data sheet, You can free PDF files download. The updated every day, always provide the best quality and speed. The exclusive fully complementary structure of the. Vcc or GND, thermal shutdown and soft short at turn on. Ordering Number. Lead Free. Halogen Free. Supply Voltage Range. Voltage Saturation on pin Output Offset Voltage. V O OFF. Non Inverting Channels. Input Noise Voltage. Total Quiescent Drain Current. I ST-BY. Max Driving Current Under Fault. Average Current.

Input Impedance. I CD ON. Single Ended. Output Power. Output Power Note 3. P OUT. P O MAX. Cross Talk. Voltage Gain. Voltage Gain Match.

Supply Voltage Rejection. Stand-by Attenuation. Note: 1. Saturated square wave output. The exclusive fully complementary structure of the output stage and the internally fixed gain guarantees the highest possible power performances with few external components. The on-board clip detector simplifies gain compression operation. The fault diagnostics makes it possible to detect mistakes during car radio set assembly and wiring in the car.

C No Preview Available! PDF Datasheet ]. SparkFun Electronics. Allied Electronics DigiKey Electronics. Arrow Electronics Mouser Electronics. Chip One Stop. ST Microelectronics.


TDA7377 Datasheet



TDA7377 – 2x30W Dual/Quad Power Amplifier


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