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JBL's and S challenge the norms of what we expect from high-end speakers. They're horn speakers, and the more time I spend with horns the more I realize what I'm not getting from high-end box and panel speakers. Horn speakers have more get up and go, they not only rock out harder, they're more expressive than other types of speakers. Before we go any further, what is a horn speaker?

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Remember Me? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: JBL close inspection. I am impressed with the sound quality. You can see 2 pieces making the horns. The joint is not looking very good and uniform. Attached Images. I'm certainly seeing the recent contoured throat design there.

The material Sonoglas? There's also a gasket between the two parts. Have I thought about filling it? Am I going to actually do it? IE would it make a difference? Bondo, repaint, never take apart again. Forget it. That don't happen here You could go with a real man's horn and use Altec B's as they don't have that issue! Just kiddin' of course. Originally Posted by ChopsMX5.

Originally Posted by sa Originally Posted by Giskard. I'm always up for a good joke. Thanks for the funny. It wasn't that funny, and these aren't bad sounding horns when properly set up. OK, I'm waiting for the rolling on the floor special then! I merely chuckled. I find the construction quality mentioned above mildly irritating.

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JBL 4428 Technical Manual

In this , and , 3 attention [shitaga] and the sound were exactly great differences in the same store. It is possible to do of the exception still and the sumo referee's fan goes up to where a large-scale subwoofer and [furontoro-doho-n] of centimeter class that is two large features of JBL are installed greatly in compared with if it says by the quality of the sound. It is classics This two are brought , and vocal what in the shop.. I am astonished by the power of expression of the horn [karaderu] saxophone in amount of feeling and the above all of the piano, the drum, and the bus of JAZZ. Should that sound of the saxophone to which it listens by a large volume be exactly called the patent of JBL? JBL personally thinks that piano or saxophone's is strong.


Attention and evaluation of JBL 4428



Unstoppable: JBL’s mighty 4429 and S3900 speakers


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