Cada um trabalha de um jeito! Uns arreia os boi brabo Outros descem o chicote pra ensinar o boi a caminhar direito! Passa boi passa boiada! Ehhh boiiii!

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E trazendo dentro dela um relato muito formoso de uma fia minha la das banda do Caboclo Jundiara Vamos assistir juntos? Uma casa de muita luz e ensinamentos!!! Caminhando pela estrada, para os aflitos consolar Salve seu Tranca Rua! R — Alguns. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Ricardo Tevez. Sandra Regina Soares. Sonia Willrich. Information about Page Insights Data.

Have you seen goat working for exu? Did you see it? So give a few create here on this link below and watch!!! Here comes grandpa coming down the saw with his bag And bringing inside it a very beautiful account of a fia fia of mine from the Caboclo Jundiara band It's my Andreia de Oxossi!

She's coming to tell us a cadin of her walk in Umbanda Let's watch it together? So give some criticize this link below and Grandpa arrived with the new video in the luggage Who comes here tells us some cause today is my fio Marcelo Santos, from the bands of the house of caboclo Pena. A house of lots of light and teachings!!!

Come watch with grandpa, come on! Just give the crique and watch my fio talk a little bit about his story It's dawn is dawn, your lock street went out to work Walking on the road, for the afflicted to comfort He extended his hand, for the fallen to rise!!! Save your Lock Street! Em Junho Inscreva-se em nosso canal!!! Interesting stories about our guardians! Subscribe to our channel!!!

The month of June is coming, the month that the terreiros salute and praise the guardians Grandpa, during this whole June will bring prosecution some very interesting causes of these workers of the Holy Law of Umbanda! Want to accompany grandpa on these stories? Just give a few criticize this link below and subscribe to the channel That's it!

See this link below? R - Some. Having started the mediumic task in , almost 41 years ago, I had enough time to observe some cases and I can say that all those I saw reincarnated, after the attack on themselves, brought with them the signs, the reflexes of levity that they had perpetrated.

However, we must respect suicides as extremely suffering creatures who have often lost control of their own emotions, raying to disrespect themselves. The results of suicide always end up printed in those who perpetrate it; thus to two companions who killed themselves with bullet in the ear - and who I reviewed, in space, after 10 years - I saw them reincarnated on the condition of children retarded in one state of extreme idiotic Another companion who committed suicide, with the poison, was reborn as a child who already brought cancer in his throat, having disincarnated shortly after.

The spirits explained to me that often, suicidal, in reincarnating itself as destroys the tissues of the new body; disincarnation, or death itself, occurs soon after birth or some time later. Ouch; then, the spirit will be in a position to learn how much life is worth; it wishes to live, but cannot, finally, after great effort. Q - Taking advantage of the opportunity of their deep knowledge of the matter, we ask: do spirits think that the sufferings of suicide arise from punishment and God?

They do not come from a punishment from Allah. Allah is the Infinite Mercy, the Perfect Justice. Emmanuel always explains to me and other spiritual friends, teaching on the subject also explain, that when we attack our body, on earth, we hurt the structures of our spiritual body.

We infringe ourselves these punishments. Each one in a different and unique way Give some criticize on the link below and What is fascination? Fascination is a kind of illusion produced by the direct action of a strange Spirit or its captious reasoning.

This illusion produces change in the understanding of moral things, distorts judgement and leads to evil for good. Allan Kardec - Spiritist Magazine, October Obsedated and subjugated Characteristics of fascinating spirits: They are usually power hungry spirits that, despots, public or private, when alive, still strive, after dead, to have victims to tyrannize.

The Book of Mediums, cap. To reach such ends, it is necessary for the spirit to be right-handed, ardilous and deeply hypocritical, because it cannot operate change and be welcomed, but through the mask he takes and a false aspect of virtue. Allan Kardec - Book of Mediums, How fascinated welcomes good advice: As we have said, the fascinated usually takes the advice wrong; criticism annoys him, annoys him and makes him take the ones who do not share his admiration.

Suspecting the spirit that accompanies you is almost, in your eyes, a desecration and something else does not want the said Spirit, for all you aspire is that everyone to bow before his word. What to do when the fascinated doesn't listen to the good advice: As there is no blind man worse than the one who does not want to see, acknowledged the worthlessness of every attempt to open your eyes to the fascinated, what you have to do is to leave him with his illusions.

No one can cure a patient who constens to preserve his evil and is pleased in it. Um texto em homenagem a todos os Cambones. A text in honor of all Cambones. Cambones are the hands, eyes and voice of all Terreiros, it is one of the most trusted positions within Umbanda. They are the ones who help the curimba maintain, increase or decrease the energy of a spin, because they learn to feel the ground, understand the energy movement of terreiro every moment of the spin.

Cambone knows how to recognize the guides that watches by the look, by movement, energy, often anticipate the very arrival of the guide, already knowing which objects of work will be used. It is worthy of trust, keeping the secret of the conversations that occur during calls, protects the medium who watches and watches over the name of the house that works, signals atypical situations.

It is responsible, passing the correct information to the consultants who do not understand what the guide says, explaining procedures and rites for work and baths, takes care of the objects of the guides you watch. It's as psychic as those who incorporate because the situations that Cambone emanates energy to a work, donate energy to a consultant, transmute or transport energies.

It is a learning phase, where we know from a privileged perspective the work way of each line, to learn about sacred, spirituality, life, about human relationships. Being Cambone is enriching, matures, awakens and enhances the mediumship that goes beyond incorporation. They are often seen as waiters of the guides, but serving the guides is the least part of their work, and even if so it were so it would not be ashamed, for as Mahatma Gandhi said " who does not live to serve, is no good to live.

A cute Umbanda would be impossible without the presence of the Cambones. To Cambones our eternal gratitude for allowing work in our terreiros for good and good. Who comes here tells us some cause is my fio Emerson, leader from my bro joaquim's corner Continue Reading.

John was a cook and for him the work only increased. The sun was so intense that it seemed to try to open the door, forcing its entry with fillets of light infiltrated into the wood splinters taken by time or termites. As usual, he let me drip the slower coffee drop on the teapot, supplied the bottles and of course, his old black and his offering mug.

Done his weekly ritual, sat down again and asked the following reflective question: " Ah Grandpa, today, May 13th come to me the memories of what school and terreiro taught me, but the feeling is too big. We feel in our soul today. I always talk so much What would you have to say to me today? How I need a terreiro Until he was surprised: " eu so that you may be patient wire. Man, I would ask you to be patient. May you be patient with the hours that run, but be patient with the hours that don't pass.

May you be patient with this situation and feeling of imprisonment that you prove today and learn how much he has to teach. This old man has had life in rich land, this old man was a doctor, did you know thread? This old man already took care of people's heads, tried to bring freedom to the wires that brought the restraints on his head until he understood that the chain was in the spirit.


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